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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Orange you glad it is scrappy saturday?

Had a very busy but fun day today.  First I was up and out to meet a girlfriend for a hot chocolate.  We had a good catch up and then my darling hubby met up with me and we did the grocery shopping and a few errands culminating in a trip to Victoria's Basement to buy some new dinnerware.  I needed 12 sets of everything and I wanted something nice, something a bit more interesting than plain white.  I am really pleased with what I got - three dinner sets, the same range but one with a pale brown border, one blue and one green.  Each has a different pot of flowers in the middle and together they look lovely.

Next it was home for a a few hours so hubby could watch the AFL (Aussie Football League) Grand Final.  He doesn't want to talk about it - his team lost!  As soon as it finished we left to go out for a quick dinner followed by a movie - "Abduction".  I really enjoyed it - not an earth shatteringly great movie but a good movie and entertaining - no slow bits.  And yes, the lead male, Taylor Lautner was quite pleasant to watch.  Lucky teenagers these days being able to dream about the likes of him. 

Finally, tonight, some sewing.  It is Scrappy Saturday for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge and it is ORANGE this month.  Sewed up the three large nine patches that I will be turning into disappearing nine patches.....
and later adding to these....
Not sure how they will look together but I will see tomorrow.  I might need to add some other colours of maybe some sashing.

Lastly I started sewing my orange tumblers that I cut during the DVDs earlier in the week in to place mats.  I will have enough for three place mats I think.  Here they are in rows over my sewing machine.  They will be ironed tomorrow and put away for completion next week. 
I really need to move on tomorrow.  I will cut up my D9P blocks because I really want to try them on the design wall.  Then i am going to move on to making the mini Halloween Wall Hanging for my friend Barbara.  I will feel happier once I know it is done and ready to go to her.  The weather is supposed to be cold and yucky tomorrow - perfect stay inside and sew day!

Till next time................happy stitching!


  1. Good idea with orange. I like to make DNP for newborn quilts, orange would be nice also. Have to check and see if I have enough. I like orange, especially in baby quilts. Yours are looking great.

  2. I have never made a DNP block - something for me to try. Not everyone is a fan of orange - but I certainly am!

  3. I love what you've got started for the orange blocks. I'll have to try a disappearing 9 patch sometime. It looks pretty easy and fun. I have a direction sheet in my pattern file, so I should give it a go.

  4. I love your orange blocks. Never thought orange could be so pretty. You have been a busy girl today. I think I need to come for a visit and get some of that energy.

  5. One of the women in my quilt group asked me about the disappearing nine-patch. I think it is a machine made block and not likely to be done by hand.It is all a mystery to me.

  6. Beautiful blocks! I can't wait to see the D9P. It's going to be lovely!

  7. Oh, I forgot to add . . . where's the picture of the dinnerware? It sounds beautiful!

  8. I agree, a photo of the dinnerware would be great. You could show it off on one of those nice placemats! I like the idea of mixing and matching and can't wait to see them together.

  9. Great projects using orange! I can't wait to see your placemats! I think a white sashing maybe a little bigger than what is showing on your design wall would look good.

  10. Such a great selection of orange, looks like lots of fun projects in the works.


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