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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

It ain't easy being a stripper.....

Oh please!  Not that sort of stripper!  Last night and this morning I sewed strips together, some cut me, some by Irene and some by Andrea, both from the Gumnuts (my quilts group).  We are making 15 laundry bags to send to Aussie soldiers in Afghanistan and we are also making 15 quilts to send them as well.So far 12 of the 15 laundry bags are sewn!  Yippee!  And these strips are for the quilts. 
We have cut loads, and I mean LOADS, of 6 1/2" strips of any length and I have pieced them all into a long strip.. this washing basket contains 120m - yes one hundred and twenty metres!  I think I worked out that we needed another 38 or so meters to have enough for all 14 quilts.  The fifteenth quilt is already made and it is a much girlier pattern for the one female soldier.

 So, we needed another 38m!  I cut a few more strips
 and then tonight Cynthia dropped in this 4 1/2" pile of more strips.
 After a couple of hours of sewing look what I ended up with - about 65m of strip!  I have sat my mobile phone on top so that you get an idea of the scale of the pile!
 Tomorrow the quilt group comes and we will get stuck into ironing these strips, cutting them into 42" lengths and then sorting them into piles of 11 strips for each quilt. Then the next round of sewing will begin and we should have two sewers tomorrow.

I showed you a bunch of the laundry bag in my last post and these ones were made by Andrea.  the first one has all sorts of beer labels printed on it and Andrea was concerned that the initials done show up well but in the end decided that the beer labels would make it stand out anyway!

And to finish off here are a couple of reasons why my hubby is the best,  He has just come back from a two week trip to the States and look what he brought me.  Two little boxes of chocolate that he saved from one of the hotels he stayed in.
 And also a couple of Calendars.  My girlfriend Barbara from Halloween Wall Hanging Fame always gives me the Quilting Magazine calendar pictured on the left but this time David bought me another Quilting Calendar as well as next year's Mary Engelbreit calendar.  Anyone who knows me know i love all things Mary and I try and get her calendar every year but the last couple of years it hasn't been so easy to get.  So thank you lovely hubby!  Mwah!

A big stitching day tomorrow but I am excited as we should have lots to show for it by the end of the day!

Just before I go, I hear there is a really neat giveaway happening over here.  Be sure to check it out if you haven't already! 

Till next time...........Happy stitching!


  1. How very very productive. You guys get an idea and really run with it at marathon speed.

  2. I am anxious to see the quilts you make using the 6 1/2" strips-------that's a lot of quilts. Your hubby is a sweetie.

  3. That's a lot of stripping!
    I also love all things Mary and was so disappointed when she stopped putting out her magazine. I saved every magazine I bought of hers.

  4. So there were several strippers in the room???? LOL That is so sweet of your husband, it looks like some wonderful calendars!

  5. Do I dare ask for pictures? Really am anxious to see the results of all that stripping. Ya know, there's no way to say that without a silly grin on my face. Have fun tomorrow with the sewing!

  6. Oh the Australiana laundry bag is brilliant, just so fantastic, you're doing an amazing job, thank you eternally, love Posie


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