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Monday, October 3, 2011

deja vu????

Had a really big day today.  I was determined to finish the work I had to do on the two round robin quilts I have had a turn on.  I have done quite a bit of prep work on them in the last few days but I needed a full day of no interruptions to get my borders on - measure, pin sew, press, measure, pin, press and so on till they were both done!  I finally finished just in time to sort out dinner for the boys and I.  Of course I can't show what I did with them, yet!  We decided as a group that we will have big unveiling of all the round robin quilts in early January.  Once that is over I will blog about them all!!!!

Having finished them before dinner that meant that I could do some other sewing during the evening, whenever this little cutie wasn't looking for attention.....
 Maisy.......she can be a little hard to resist at times!

First I finished up the top one of my orange place mats, two more to go.
 Then I moved on to another of my favourite bags - no, you haven't seen this bag before but you have seen two similar bags.
I also sewed another petal pouch like these.  Both of the bags are waiting for their ribbon draw strings and both of them are heading off to Ireland for the Irish Charity Bazaar that I am sewing for.
I heard from my girlfriend in Ireland today and finally got all the info I need to send off the parcels to her so I will wait till the boys go back to school and then I will pack up the boxes and head to the post office.  I am going to get as much stuff sewn for her as possible in the next few days.  I really want to get some Christmas stuff sewn!

Tomorrow I am going to pick out some more things to sew for Ireland but tomorrow night I am going to see "Crazy Stupid Love" with a girlfriend - bet it will be a good laugh!

Till next time........happy stitching!


  1. Wow! Who knew orange could turn out so beautiful! I'm loving the placemats. And of course, Maisy is just too cute. Enjoy your sewing week!

  2. It sounds like you've been a busy girl! Love the orange!
    I couldn't resist that cute doggy face either:)

  3. Love the Petal Pouch, it is a winner and so quick to make. Good gift bag.

  4. oh, i like your tumbler blocks! i have a pile of those ready to work with--just need to find a little sewing time. :)

  5. Wow, you get so much sewn each day. I really am envious sometimes (actually most of the time!).

  6. I love all your work but just had to go back to the picture of the pooch!

  7. Awww Maisy is just to cute. I love her ears. My Duchess is the same way always wants to play. Your orange place mat is great. I am loving all the colors of orange together. You bag is cute I love the animals on it. Hope you have a great time at the movies.

  8. Wow - another successful busy day with such great results! Maisy just wants to remind you that she loves you!

  9. Maisy is such a cutie! I really love the orange fabrics in your tumbler placemat! The pouch is really neat too!


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