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Friday, October 7, 2011

Ah... Ah.. Tissue!!!!

Lots of them.  I sent my girlfriend who is running the Charity Bazaar in Ireland a photo of a tissue holder and asked her if she thought they would sell well in Ireland, assuming you could get the same sort of tissues over there.  Her response was an emphatic yes so yesterday I sat down and cut out a whole bunch.  Then I started sewing and this is the result!
 These are so quick to make.  I managed to get all the sewing done last night
and then this morning I turned them all right side out and pressed them all.
All of these but the purple ones are heading to Ireland.  The purple ones are for my cousin - I will slip them in her birthday card - and a couple for my girlfriend who loves purple!

Now, I need some suggestions.  I am planning a giveaway to hopefully coincide with my 300th post.   My only problem is that I can't decide what to giveaway.  What would you like to receive?  Aussie fabric, something handmade, fabric from a popular range or a surprise?

Suggest away please.......

Till next time.....happy sewing.


  1. that is a heck of a pile of tissue holders! What a crazy lady you are!!! A veritable sewing machine!!!

  2. The tissue holders are so cute and a great bazaar item. I think Aussie fabric would be a fantastic giveaway.

  3. I would vote for something handmade....I know how amazing those items are !!

  4. You are just a sewing robot------never seen such a sack of tissue holders. I vote for surprise, I like surprises.

  5. Oh, you and that energy! I saw a tutorial for those just this week and am thinking of making a few for fun Christmas gifts.

    I'd love some Aussie fabric! What a great addition to any stash!

  6. Woweee!! What a lot of tissue holders!!! Unfortunately at the moment i'm going through them by the box, so my tissue holders from high school sewing class aren't getting much of a workout these days! They are such a simple project ... But then, I don't think I've ever seen one person make quite so many!!! That machine of yours certainly eta a workout dear!!!
    On the ideas for your giveaway ... Congratulations on being so close by the way!!! ... I vote for a surprise!

  7. Wow - you stitched up those tissue holders very quickly. Christmas is coming and I haven't started any gifts but now I know I should still have plenty of time to make some of these up!

  8. wow! That's a lot of sewing!!!
    If you open up your contest to those of us outside of Australia, some Aussie fabric would be so much fun! (If you don't, we certainly understand!)


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