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Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

First up I have to share with you a photo from one of the girls in my quilt group.. She is Canadian but has lived here for ages.  She has however kept tradition Halloween alive for her grandkids - just littlies.  It is becoming easier to do that in Oz these days.  Anyway, yesterday she and her husband had the three little ones, the oldest of them is five, over to carve pumpkins.  The kids chose a face off the Internet and then drew their faces on the pumpkins and Daddy and Grandpa cut them out.
Check them out - they are cute, cute, cute!!!

 If you look really carefully you can see Miss Irene's pic in the mirror - bet she didn't think of that and let me tell you - she hates having her photo taken!!!

And below you can see the equally cute special cupcakes that Grandma Irene made for the pumpkin carvers afternoon snack!  How cute are they!!!!!  Lucky little grandkids if you ask me!
The rest of the post is not so exciting - today I finished preparing my share of the backings for the soldier's quilts.  Now they are all ready - hooray! 
Tonight I remembered that I hadn't made label for our female soldier's quilt.  Poop!  Oh well,  I traced one off and sewed the borders on and then when I went to piece the backing for the quilt I was a tiny bit short of fabric.  Not sure what to think of my solution but it was the best I could do without buying more fabric and I really wanted to get it layered tonight.

I really like this backing fabric - it just reminds me of a meadow of flowers.

 and every now and then there is a cute little surprise like this grass hopper.
Hope everyone who is trick or treating or staying in handing out the candy has a wonderful night. 
Happy halloween and happy stitching!


  1. I have such wonderful memories of carving pumpkins with my sons when they were little! We also painted faces on some instead of carving them.
    Congratulations on the finish! The solution is great!

  2. I love Jack-O-Lanterns! :) And those cupcakes look yummy....Happy Halloween!

  3. How cute that the fabric designer decided to add a little bit of whimsey to the fabric. Like your make-do for you backing. I knew that there was a little bit of Halloween in Aussie land. Boo!

  4. How sweet is that pumpkin carving with your grandchildren. They are making such sweet memories. I love your field of flowers for the back.

  5. Our pumpkin was about the size of a softball but we carved one too. This is a big holiday here as it includes my birthday.


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