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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Group Stripping!

After a steamy hot day on Monday reaching the heights of 34C here on Monday the temperatures have crashed back down again yesterday and today but that didn't stop six of us getting together today to do some good old stripping!

Oh Clean up your minds! Piecing quilts from strips you sillies! After loads of piecing we started out this morning with a 200m long 6 1/2 inch strip! Then Cynthia and Sharon brought some more and we joined those up too - another 50m.
We set up two ironing boards - one at each end of my kitchen table. We put a big cutting mat in the middle of the table and then two girls ironed and two cut! And once we had enough strips cut two girls started putting the strips together in groups of eleven - enough for a quilt.   It took ages to get all the strips cut into 42" lengths and then we stopped for a quick lunch. After lunch all efforts turned to putting all the strips into groups of 11.  Audrey and Cynthia worked on a design ottoman!
We ended up with enough strips to make 21 quilts - minus a couple of strips I will cut later. We were aiming for 14 so 21 is wonderful!   Sharon, Lyn and Irene (who always hides from photos) worked on the design Air Hockey table and Cynthia lended a hand after she had exhausted her supply of strips.
And after all the groups were decided upon we started sewing them together. We got 8 quilt tops completed before we had to call it quits. The rest have been divided among us to be sewn together and then brought back next Wednesday when we have our next sewing bee.

This is what they look like. They are all different but all the same if you know what I mean.  There is nothing fancy about them but this was the quickest way to organise 20+ plus quilts in the minimum time so good looks wasn't important - built for comfort not looks - but I still think they look ok!

They are about 42 inches by 65 inches in the end and should be just right for the average soldier to put on his bed or wrap around himself around the camp fire.

Update on the laundry bags - 12 out of 15 have been made. The other three should be finished by next week and we will be well on schedule to get them posted off in time for a Christmas arrival!

Just before I go don't forget to enter my giveaway - still a few days to enter.

Till next time........happy stitching!


  1. You 'strippers' are really good at what you do!!! LOL Seriously, the quilts are going to be perfect. I wish I were close enough to you to join in. :)

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  3. Nice job on the quilts. They are going to turn out lovely and the soldiers are going to really enjoy them. Kudos to you and your quilting group!

  4. Wonderful quilts and how fun to all work together! The soldiers are going to love them.

  5. quite the racey title!

    He he he

  6. Great stripping!! These will be just perfect for the use they are intended for. I am sure they will be greatly appreciated and much used.

  7. Those are really looking good. I am in awe.


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