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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Batting, backing, binding

That is what my day mostly consisted of.  First I cut 10 lengths of batting for the soldiers' quilts.   Each length is doubled so will do two quilts.  I still need to cut another but the first 10 finished off our bolt of batting and I just couldn't be bothered dragging my bolt out to cut the last length.  I will wait till the weekend and my husband will help me.

Next I went  thru my stash, lengths I had been given and the groups's stash which lives in my back room and pulled out anything that I thought would work for a quilt backing.  I found enough for 19 quilts.  In the afternoon I had to drive to the local train station to collect Fly Boy from a school excursion and wouldn't you know it, the station is right next to a fabric store. It is not my favourite store but can't have everything!  Right out the front of the shop is a $5p/m box and right on the top were two bolts which were perfect for backings so I grabbed them quickly!  Yay!  All twenty one quilts now have backings!  They are all laid out on my air hockey table waiting for next week.
Finally tonight I am sorting and joining binding scraps!  So far I have approx 78m of binding sewn together.  It needs to be ironed but that is a job for another day.
Tomorrow I will cut some more binding to make sure we have enough.  I think we need another 6m or so but I will cut some extra just to be on the safe side.

Not a very exciting dya but a necessary one. 

Till next time................happy stitching. 


  1. Do you need some more backing? I have some left from the Flood quilts and happy to send you some

  2. You go, girl! You are such an inspiration. Hugs.

  3. Do you ever actually sleep and eat and ordinary things like that?

  4. WOW!! you are so organized! The sewing day will be so much more productive with all this ready to go!! Great job

  5. Love the way you think-------quanity! While I am thinking little quilts and baby quilts, you think in lots of 21 quilts. Going to make 21 soldiers very, very happy.

  6. You are so productive. That is so exciting that you are making quilts for soldier's. What a lucky day you had at the quilt store.


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