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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Love a Tidy Space

I was too tired to sew anything that needed concentration last night in between and the Mum's taxi driving I had to do so instead I tidied up part of my stash!
Oh it feels so good!  This is the before shot!
 These two shelves were annoying me the most!
 this is the bag of fabric that came out of my shelves - pieces that I don't love any more, never loved but was given by well meaning individuals, or fabric that made me exclaim "what was I thinking!"  This is all going to a friend's friend - a girl who only makes quilts from fabric she is given.  Hope she likes it!
 and this, sigh, is the after shot.  The lot...

You can't really tell but i managed to add my Kaffe collection (down there next to the black)  and my batik collection (between the red and green) 
And those two pesky shelves look so much better.

 These are all the solids that i pulled from the stash.  This is yet to be folded and put with the rest of my solid selection....just not sure where I will put it yet.
And so, now on to finishing those journal covers...

Till next time.........happy stitching!


  1. Even your mess looks better than my sewing room!

  2. I ditto Flo at Butterfly Quilting, I thought the first pictures looked good. We will just call you Miss Neat and Tidy. lol

  3. Now that everything is tidy you won't want to use it !!! LOL

  4. I know how you feel about tidy. There are so many things in life you have no control over. It is nice to have your own stuff organized.(and aren't you lucky to have a place to send that un-wanted fabric)

  5. Wait . . .those were before and after photos??? I'm lucky to have your before photo for my fabric! Kudos to you! I do like things orderly to start a new project, then forget it, it all goes to chaos!

  6. I love your Assie bag. It is just to cute. Looks like you have a GREAT stash. That is so sweet of you to share your wonderful fabrics.

  7. It is so neat to get a glimpse at your sewing room! I see lots of wonderful fabric which looked good even in the first picture! I love your bag that you put the fabrics you don't like anymore, how cute with the Kangaroos on it! I hope you don't get rid of that.


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