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Friday, September 30, 2011

sneak peaks and socks!

I have been doing some more sneak peak sewing today - sneak peak for you that is - of course I know what it is.  First I finished the sneak peak sewing that I was working on last night.  Can't show you any more so no point taking another photo that looks the same.  Today I have been sewing and sewing - this is how much I ended up with,

Luckily I only need 7 meters!  But it was too hard to work out when cutting the pieces how many I needed so I just cut till I couldn't cut any more and then sewed till I ran out.  Have no fear - the extras won't go to waste! 
Sadly the pastel fabrics don't show up too well on our pinky peach carpet (was here when we moved in and it is not being changed till the boys leave home!) but the strips goes all the way down our hall!

 Couldn't decide which lamp pic I preferred so I included both - contemplating a new style of lamp shade (not!)
This turtle lives on the shelf next to the lamp normally so I thought I would show it to you.  My husband bought it back from Tahiti - he went there for work......or so he says!
 When searching for the pattern for the bag I made the other day I found this quilt.  It has been put away out of harms (read boys') way.  This is an extra special quilt as my mum made all the Dresden plates in her last years.  She wanted something to sew while we were on holidays together and saw me doing some Dresden petals so she started doing some too using my scraps.  When she went home (she lived 4 hours flight away in Perth) she continued doing them till I had enough for the quilt. 
I am extremely frustrated as I can't get a nice sharp focus for the photo and I don't know what i am doing wrong - other than I have a whole bunch of settings on my camera that i have know clue what they do!!!  Agghhh.  Anyway, you can get an idea of what the quilt looks like. 
 I love this quilt because of my Mum's involvement, particularly because she is no longer with us but also because she was not a quilter.  She was a fabulous home sewer, making clothes and soft furnishings and she could have quilted if she wanted to but she never did.  What i see when I look at this quilt is the colour combinations she chose.  Every inch a dress maker Mum really found it hard to put pattern with pattern - a pattern should go with a plain - and she really struggled to do otherwise.  She used to ask me to choose the combinations and she wouldn't always like what I put together for this reason.  Some she changed and some she sewed the way I sent them to her.  It just makes to me laugh to remember her complaining about being taken out of her comfort zone!

Another reason I love this quilt is this block. 

 Doesn't that pup look just like Snickers!
 Now it is back to work for me.  This is what awaits me - sock folding - oh joy!
Till next time..............happy stitching!


  1. Love the new lampshades !!LOL
    And what a treasure the Dresden Plate quilt is, lots of memories there.

  2. Oh, the first person wrote exactly what I was going to write! Great lampshade!!!

  3. There you go, dangling the bait in front of our eyes. Love that dresden plate. As to the socks, thanks for reminding me about what I don't miss about a house full of kids.

  4. Your mom's dresden plate quilt is beautiful! Can't wait to see what you're making!

  5. Love your Mom's Dresden Plate quilt - very, very special. I laughed at your comment about the settings on your camera. My husband gave me a wonderful camera as a gift. Honest to goodness, my camera has all of these fancy settings but it also has an Easy setting. Guess which one I use?

  6. Your mom's quilt is beautiful. I know it also hold beautiful memories. Yes that pup looks just like Snickers. The picture is so cute of Snickers the way he is posing the white patch on his chest looks like a heart.


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