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Sunday, October 16, 2011

A few of my favourite things....

I think my favourite thing about making quilts and other crafts is the look on someone's face when you give them a finished piece.  I often don't get to see that look as a lot of what I make gets sent away to be given to the recipient.    This time I had to send my goodies away as usual but this time they went with an envoy who took pictures for me!  yesterday my husband travelled to Connecticut to have lunch with our friends, Bruce, Barbara and Erin and whilst there he gave them their gifts.

 Here is Barbara with her Halloween Wallhanging......
 Erin with her karate bag..........
And lastly Bruce with his quilt.  I am sorry that I couldn't go too but I am so glad that my husband could and I didn't have to rely on the Postman!

Moving right along, I am steadily working thru my TO DO List.  I am so glad I made the list up as it means I can just work on the next project on the list and not worry if I am missing something that is needed sooner. 

Today I finished Barbara's next wall hanging - this one for Thanksgiving.

 I did a simple close zigzag around the turkey and letters thru both the top and the iron on pellon that I used as batting.  I sewed the eyes on and then I added the backing and did a small stipple pattern around the appliques.
 I think he looks a little startled don't you!
 This is the backing - I quite like this leafy fabric.
 And the label.
So pleased it is finished but it is not going into the mail till Monday.  I want it there in time for the beginning of November.  Barbabra is not expecting it so it will be a nice surprise for her I hope.

And finally tonight I finished sewing the 12 blocks together for the baby quilt I am making....and I don't like them!  Grrrr.  I bet you can guess why.  There is just not enough contrast with the pale blue points and the background.  Poop, Poop, Poop!!!
 It does look better close up - which is why I didn't pick up the problem sooner!  Not until they were all sewn, corners cut off and pressed!  Agghh!!  Lesson 1.  Make a sample block and take a good look at it  - on the design wall!!!
 In this pic I have turned some of the stars so that the aqua points are not all facing the same direction and I think that is a bit better.
Ho hum.  Well, I am not going to unpick it all and replace the pale blue points and I am not going to start again with new fabric.  I shall just push on as the reality is that this is a cot quilt and will most likely be seen close up most of the time and close up, in better light, it looks ok.  Let's just say that this will not be the only quilt this little boy gets!!!

I have lots of running around to do tomorrow but I aim to get this quilt top put together if I have time and then I will cut the backing and batting and put it away.  I want everything ready so that as soon as the baby is born I can finish a special detail I have planned for the back (not telling yet) and then get it layered, quilted and bound!  I just need the official and final decision on the name.

Till next time...........happy stitching!


  1. Ummmm, *tiny voice* could you please add my name and addy right next to Barbara's on your list. Thank you. Sincerely, Angie ;)

  2. Such a happy turkey. Love the way you did the label.

  3. I love the turkey!! Great job.
    And the baby blue quilt is still going to get snuggled and dragged around and hugged, whether or not he can see the contrast !! :)

  4. How nice to see pictures of the delivered items. I think rotating those stars helps. Good plan B. And the turkey finished up just great.

  5. Your gifts are so beautiful, I bet they will be well loved. I especially love the hanging ones. Do you do Christmas ones too?

  6. It just feel so good to put smiles on peoples faces. The turkey quilt is just awesome. Did you make 2? (giggles)

  7. Those pictures are priceless... You made their day... Best wishes for everyone and hope Bruce recovers fully...

  8. Wonderful to get pictures - you can see how happy they are with their gifts! I think turning the star points does help but the baby won't really care about contrast! As a consolation the colours are very nice.

  9. I think your friends like their pressies.... especially the way that man is rubbing that quilt... well done JM you have put smiles on peoples faces and made our hearts swell xxx

  10. I want to be on Barbara's list too! What a cute turkey! That is neat that your husband can deliver things for you, now to get him to pick up some goodies at a quilt store for you!


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