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Monday, October 10, 2011

Bead Dazzled in the past

No sewing today - I have spent the day sorting out all my beads.  Beads?  Beads you say?

Yes, that's right.  In a former life, IE. before I had arthritis in my hands, I used to do lots of things - stamping and beading to name two.  Earlier this year I sold or gave away all my stamping and paper crafting gear.  No point keeping it if it hurts to use it or if I can't use it the way I want to.   Now it is time to get rid of all my beads - or at least about most of what I used to have and all the tools. 

I used to have seven containers like this..............

 Now I have only kept enough special beads to sort of fill one container.  Some of the beads are quite unusual  like these wooden ones.  My Dad made these.  I don't know the simple round ones are but the kind of squiggly ones are made from Quondong seeds - a native Aussie plants that grows in the bush - I think it is native to Western Australia.  I remember my dad saying he loved Quondong Pie.  I don't ever remember eating it and you can't buy quondongs so I am not likely to either!

 I also kept my snowmen which I made - these can be turned into ear rings or phone dangles or zipper pulls etc.
Finally i thought I would show you some of the necklaces that i used to make and design - I haven't kept many. 
 I particularly like  these beads

One other thing I need to re-home is this jar of sequins.  800ml of them.  I used to use these on all sorts of things - Christmas decorations and all but the hand sewing is too hard now.  These are free to a good home and I will send them to whoever thinks they can use them - overseas and Aussie - whoever comments and requests them first can have them.

Till next time............happy stitching.


  1. Oh, I would love them! I like to use so many things like that. IF it doesn't cost an arm and a leg to send them to send them to me. Just keep me in mind.

  2. Quondongs hahaha I can remember when my kids use to pick them and we would soak them to make sure there were no grubs... then they would be stewed to have with ice cream... they can be very tart... they would watch that tree like hawks waiting for the fruit to turn red xxx

  3. You are so talented. Your jewelry is beautiful. Your are so sweet to want to share your beads.

  4. Hi Jan-Maree,if you have some spare I wouldn't mind. Cheers Celia

  5. Oh I do admire you for the guts to get rid of the stuff you no longer use.(Especially while the memory of the fun using it lasts).

  6. Isn't it funny that so many of us love so many different types of crafts! Your beading is beautiful! I used to do counted cross-stitch until "old eyes" just didn't make it fun anymore.


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