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Saturday, October 8, 2011

My new favourite place mats!!!!

Managed to finish my three orange place mats for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge tonight and I have to say I am loving the brightness!!!
 They are all have something different with the binding as I am determined to use up scraps only.
 The purple brings out the small bits of purple in the flowers in the place mat.
 I didn't have enough orange binding or enough purple binding, so, put 'em together!
 And this is the backing  - to me it looks a painting drop sheet. 
These are bound to make me happy whenever I use them!
Had time for just a little more sewing tonight and managed another 6 tissue holders for Ireland.  These things are ridiculously quick to sew, though I did happen to have then cut out and ready to go.

I spent a bit of time cutting out this afternoon.  I have to make a pin cushion for my Quilt Group's Christmas lunch.  Last year we decorated coat hangers.  This year we are all making pin cushions.  The only rule is that it is not allowed to be as simple as two squares sewn together.  The diversity that was achieved with the coat hangers was amazing so i am looking forward to what happens with the pin cushions.  Then we have to think about what the challenge everyone with next year - any suggestions very welcome!

I also cut out some potholders which will be Christmas presents. Tomorrow I have to get to work on a diary cover for my girlfriend for a belated birthday present and also a notebook cover for her daughter's birthday.  The main reason the diary cover is late is because I was waiting for her to send me an old diary so i could make sure the cover would fit it.  She is one of my best friends and w have know each other since high school.  I think we became friends around 13 or 14.  At 19 I left home and joined the Air Force and never lived in my home state again.  In all those years I have learned one thing about my friend - she is just not good at getting to the post office - thank goodness for email.  But you can't email a diary so I had to wait till she got to the post office and I had to nag to get her there.  I have it now and tomorrow is the day!

Till next time.......happy stitching!


  1. Love the placemats. The colors are awesome!

  2. Great job! I just keep looking at my orange scraps and came up with nothing. Love the place mats!

  3. Love these placemats...they are so bright and cheery and the scrappy binding is the perfect touch!

  4. The placemats have turned out really well, love seeing how the different bindings change the look

  5. Love the purple gingham with the orange!

  6. Your place mats turned out great. What cute tissue holders for Ireland.

  7. Doesn't it brighten your heart to use up scraps... not to mention your kitchen. I love the bright orange colour too! :)

  8. Wow! That bright orange will make any salad look appetizing!

  9. Your placemats look so bright and cheery, how do your new dishes look with them?

  10. Beautiful placemats and I think the purple adds a sweet little kick to them! My best friend and I have know each other since we were that age and even though we only live an hour away I am terrible about getting together.......thank goodness for email!

  11. I love those placemats too! So happy and cheerful looking.

  12. Lovin' those placemats... they would look so good on any table... great use of scraps xxx

  13. Lovely, colorful placemats. I really like how you did the binding. Too cute!

    Wow! Look at all those tissue holders . . . very nice!

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