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Sunday, October 23, 2011

4 more down....

Sometimes you have got to have a win and my win today was getting my 15 year old boys to change the sheets on their beds without any complaints!!!  I know that seems like a simple thing - ask them nicely, give them clean sheets..........ah not exactly.  Apparently it is a really unreasonable request.  So, I stopped asking.  No, I didn't give up.  I still put their clean sheets and pillow cases in their rooms for them and tonight they made their beds without me needing to say anything and without a word of complaint!  How?  Easy!  I stripped their beds for them and removed the dirty laundry.  If they want to sleep on bare mattresses and pillows they can....but guess what........they don't, so they make their beds.  Ahhh bliss!!!

All in all had a very successful weekend.  I managed to get my five laundry bags sewn.  I showed you the one I made for our female soldier and today I finished the some for four of the male soldiers. 
We had to work with what fabrics we had and luckily we had a few pieces of ticking and similar.  I am not sure what this chek is but it is about the same weight as the ticking.  We needed to make the bags different and easily identifiable so hopefully we have achieved that with the initials and the contrasting strips at the top.

Tomorrow I will collect a few more from one of the girls.  She has done the applique and if I have time I will sew them up.  Tonight, once I finished the laundry bags i spent a little time sewing the 6 1/2" strips for the quilts.  Heaven only knows how much we have here but I suspect we will have more than enough for our first 15 soldiers.

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Till next time...happy stitching!


  1. Hey, that's a great strategy for getting them to change their bed linens. I am going to squirrel that away in my memory for when my daughters are older.

    I was thinking of you when I was cleaning up my sewing room yesterday. I was thinking I had a lot of fabric, but probably not as much as Cherry Red Quilter:) I sewed and sewed yesterday, but the only finished projects were 3 Halloween pillowcases for my kids. I have a lot of projects in the works, though:)

  2. HaHa..I tried the bare mattress trick too, but it didn't phase my daughter...she slept on a bare mattress until I couldn't stand it and put the sheets on!! But she has grown up and survived the incident...is married and makes own her bed now!!

  3. Way to get your kids to change their sheets. Sometimes you just have to be ingenuous, huh?!!

    Very nice laundry bags - I'm sure the soldiers will appreciate them greatly!!

  4. Oh, you tricky mother, you. I love subliminal teaching which they don't see coming. It's such a gentle, and hopefully effective, way of parenting.
    The laundry bags are wonderful. You and your helpers are angels.

  5. OMG, i'm so excited, these look amazing, so much love, i'm so thrilled, love Posie


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