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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Had a great day today!  I feel like I got more achieved today than I have for a while!  First up I cut the disappearing nine patch blocks and then I got out the rest of the DNP blocks that I had already sewn.  I forgot that I had made pink and purple ones as well as the red and blue.  Beauty! 
 This has made me smile all day.  Once I found the pink and purple blocks in with the red and blue it was so nice to know that I have enough ready for  a quilt.  I haven't decided how I will put this together - maybe with white sashing - maybe no sashing and just a border.  Any suggestions?  Either way I have to put it away until I finish all my other sewing.  I still have the round robin quilts to do, some more sewing for Ireland and then Christmas presents.  So, plenty of time to think about it!

Next I started work on the Halloween wall hanging for Barbara.   I love these books and this one has a whole 12 months worth of ideas.  I used the bats for October as my inspiration. 
 I dug out my Halloween fabric and decided on black bats and letters on a bright background.  My plan is that Barbara can use the same hanger for all the future quilts I make her. 
 What you can't tell from this photo is that the black fabric has tiny little sparkly spots on it - reminds me stars in a dark night sky.  The other background fabrics all have glow in the dark features except for the green with the tiny spiders on it.  The orange has glow in the dark eyes, the white bats, white spiders and the ghosts and "boo" are all glow in the dark.  Love it!  Have been really pleased to find an excuse to use it!

This is the backing - love this fabric too - so glad I found a home for this too!

 And finally here is a photo of my new dinner set.  I had a couple of requests to see what they looked like.  I am really pleased with them.  Mary from Fleur de Lis Quilts suggested I display them on some of my place mats but I had already taken the photo and my hands are just too sore to bother getting the plates out again - but I think she is right - I think they would have looked great so I will remember that for next time Mary!
Lastly my lovely hubby is off to Pennsylvania next weekend.  He is going to be staying in Langhorne, believe it or not, right next to the Sesame Palace (ha ha ha big grin!!!)  If anyone can recommend any quilt shops nearby to Langhorne please let me know.  He will be going there a number of times in the next couple of years as part of a work project and I might as well benefit from it if he has time!

Till next time................happy stitching!


  1. The DNP quilt top looks fabulous! What a happy surprise to find the extra blocks. The wallhanging turned out great - do I see free motion quilting?

  2. Love the colour combo on the disappearing 9 patch. I would go no sashing but who knows? Love your wall hanging. Cute cute cute! And your new plates are super!

  3. I love those projects. You sure are speedy to get so much done.
    The dishes are lovely too. I have Portmerion with botanic garden prints.. i like that they are all different but even better than that, I like that they can be replaced. Over the years every other set has been dropped and chipped and cracked until we don't even have six of anything. Now when hubby drops a plate in the sink, he can go buy another.

  4. Love how your quilt top is coming together. Barbara is going to love her wall hanging. You did a GREAT job.

  5. Opps, I commented on your last post about the disappearing 9 patch sorry! I absolutely love your Halloween wall hanging and the hanger is neat. I agree that you should phtograph your new plates on placemats!

  6. Thanks for sharing pics of your new dinnerware! I was afraid I was going to have to catch a flight and have a little sit down meal to enjoy their beauty!! heehee!! And they are beautiful! Enjoy!! The D9P is turning out quite nicely. Cute front and back on the Halloween hanging! Barbara will enjoy.


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