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Sunday, October 30, 2011

And the winner is......

Well, first up as promised I have drawn the winner of my first ever giveaway and the bag and the enclosed goodies go to.............................................................

 Congratulations Jean.  Please email me your address so I can send your parcel of goodies off to you.  the rest of you will have to wait until Jean lets me know she has received her parcel safe and sound before I show you what I sent her - I don't want to spoil the surprise!

Moving right along I have been busy working on the components of the quilts for the soldiers in Afghanistan.  These are some of the backings.  I have been finishing up sewing the borders on the labels and then I put iron on web on the back of them and fused them to the backings.
 I deliberately put them on an angle so there is no stress about making sure they are straight when we layer the quilts.  The calico patch is for the soldiers to write their names in for identification.
 I also finished piecing the few backings that needed it.   Andrea dropped in today and dropped me in some more printed labels made using that special paper that you can put thru the printer.  apparently it has been treated so that it is launder proof.  Andrea took three quilt backings with her.  The labels need to be zigzagged and then the calico patch needs to be sewn.  Luckily Irene has said I can drop half of the remaining 19 into her tomorrow and she will sew them.  I still have to fuse for more labels and, because we ran out of the printable fabric, I need to trace and border two more labels.  Then I will fuse the remaining labels to the backings and sew around them.  I want them all ready for Wednesday's working bee.  I also need to sew two more laundry bags.

We are really getting close to taking everything to the post office.  I think I am going to need some help!!!  This is what has been accumulated so far. 

Check out these reindeer antlers and nose.  Can't you just see these on a Hummer?  I am not sure if the guys will be able to use them but they will get a laugh out of them anyway!
 Then there is the wired tinsel garland,
 And loads more - Fruit Tingles, Malteasers, Oreos, postcards, coasters, writing pads
 Freddo Frogs
 Pens covered in aboriginal designs
And of course a special stash for our one lone female soldier.  Every girl needs some pink and lilac tinsel, pink Oreos of course and some pretty notelets.  There will also be smelly soaps and hand creams and so on.   I forgot to put it in the photo but she also gets a Japanese lunch bag in fabric to match her yellow laundry bag and a tissue holder and tissues.
 these boxes are the same size as the ones we will be sending the soldier's Christmas parcels in.  Tomorrow Andrea is going to buy 15 for us to use.  We will fill one for each soldier PLUS some extras for soldiers who don't get much mail!

 I was going to go and buy some extra stuff for the boxes tomorrow but I have decided that I better wait and see what else turns up on the working bee day as I know that some of the other girls have bought  stuff like toilet paper, envelopes, candy canes, muesli bars etc.  In the mean time I have more than enough to go on with!

Now I don't usually post links to YOUTUBE, and I promise not to make a habit of it but you have go to love this one.

If you love your Dad you just have to look at this! Bet you can't watch it without laughing (and maybe cringing too!)

And finally just before I go....
Guitar Hero's Home Hint for the Day - if you spray deodorant on a T shirt that you have been wearing for two days then you can keep wearing it even when you are going out.

Till next time.....happy stitching!


  1. OK Jean, everyone will be waiting for the minute the package arrives. No pressure or anything.
    The goodies are piling up. At least we will know what is in those packages. Deodorant on a t-shirt? I hope that is a joke but with teen-age boys....

  2. Thanks so much, Jan...I will be waiting by the mailbox for that wonderful package! I will post when I get it!

  3. Oh wow, you ladies have out done yourselves. This is so amazing & moral is low right now after the weekend. I just went to the GP about my hands & the patient before me was hysterical, her nephew was one of the soldiers who was killed. I felt like crying through my whole appointment.
    Thank you eternally ladies for this amazing effort, the soldiers in my husband's unit will be so surprised & absolutely thrilled to have such kind & thoughtful gifts sent from Australia. Love Posie

  4. wow lots to sort out and pack..........go for it.........

  5. Congrats to the winner and my have you been busy! I think I will skip on Guitar Hero's Home Hint for the Day.....but it is interesting :)


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