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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cute as a button.....

Well, I found a new home for my sequins and they are now winging their way to Texas.   Also winging their way to their new destination are three big boxes of goodies for the Irish Charity Bazaar!  Can't believe they are all done and on their way.  In February I will start thinking about next year's contributions!

 I also spent a lot of today finishing off sorting my beads into LOTs and putting them on ebay.  Hopefully they will sell - more money for thread!  (don't need more fabric!!!!) 

Tonight I just had time to quilt the Christmas star quilt the group has made for the local Bushfire Brigade to raffle at Christmas. 

Tomorrow someone else can bind it and someone else again with do the hand sewing!

I am determined to slowly but surely keep plugging away at tidying and sorting my sewing room. Normally I like to get in and start at one corner and work my way to the end systematically but I can't devote that kind of time to it before Christmas so I am doing a little at a time.

Tonight I dug out all my buttons for a photograph.   They were in the same cupboard as my beads so they sort of caught my attention.  I love vintage buttons.  Before my mum passed away she asked her friends if any of them had old buttons they didn't want - a lot of them came from the generation where you cut off your buttons for reuse before you threw your clothes out.  I have a heap of lovely old buttons from them.  An acquaintance also gave me a bunch of large vintage buttons on cards.  I also have to admit to stocking up on buttons before we left the States to move back to Oz.
Hmmm, I doubt I will ever use them all up so I thought I would ask if anyone has an good suggestions for projects that use lots of buttons.  All ideas gratefully received!

Quilt group tomorrow.  Quiet night tomorrow night so I should be able to make some progress on my journal covers. 

Till next time.................Happy stitching!


  1. I have a pattern for a wall hanging that uses a LOT of buttons coming out of jars and spilling out in front of an antique sewing machine. I used a lot of buttons making up the sample. Other than that, I have some old jars full of buttons as decoration in my sewing room. I love the punch of color they give! I LOVE old buttons. I have vintage button cards as decoration on the walls of my sewing room, too. SO....I would suggest decorating with them.

  2. O-M-G... you sorted ALL those? WOW!
    Love the christmas quilt you are working on so good luck with the raffle! Cheers :)

  3. I made a North West Indian buttton blanket for a friend. That takes shell buttons which are sometimes hard to find in large numbers. On the border I used some that were donated by friends of the person.
    I am afraid to even look at what I have collected over the years.

  4. That is a lot of buttons! I used to have jars of them too but I really didn't use them and gave them away. Your Christmas star quilt looks beautiful!

  5. WOW! now that is organized. I love buttons on things. Wish I had a idea for you.

  6. Using a blue background fabric, make a wall hanging of your country's flag. Where there would be a white or red strip, use buttons. Use buttons to decorate a sofa pillow.


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