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Friday, October 28, 2011

all cut up!

Lots of cutting today.  First I cut lining for two last laundry bags.  One is for our current batch of soldiers and the other is for a special soldier who is going in December - the son of one of our quilt group members.  Next I cut up some extra 6.5" strips.  We were 5 short for our last quilt so I cut those and a few extra and now we are making 22 quilts not 21 - well I like a nice even number!  And finally I cut extra 2.5" strips for the extra binding.  Oh and I also cut some Aussie fabric strips to go around our labels for the quilts.  I have sewn a few - need to cut a bit more of the kangaroo fabric to finish the rest.

Then onto some sewing - first I finished sewing one quilt that was half done after Wednesday, then I sewed the extra 6.5" strips together, cut them into lengths and sorted them into groups for two quilts. I took the original 6 leftover strips and added them in as well as they were pretty ugly and needed to be broken up some more.  I sewed one together and the other is going to another quilter with two other quilts to sew together for next week.  Mine are now happily sitting on the pile ready for Wednesday's Blitz!  

I also managed to sew a little something to add to my giveaway - no hints! 

Big day tomorrow.  We have to take the boys to buy suits - their first suits - for their formal!  Shirts and ties as well - their first ties other than school ties!  CUTE!!!!  Hopefully I will get some photos of them!!!  Wish me luck!  Clothes shopping with the males in my family is no easy task!!!

Till next time............happy stitching!


  1. I'm just so excited, you ladies are simply the most amazing group, i'm so very honoured that you are doing this, to have offered is simply so generous & kind, love it all, love Posie

  2. I just hope your blade was sharp with all that cutting you had to do!
    What a wonderful project you girls have taken on. All the best! :)

  3. So now you are a cutup! Wow, those boys have gone from dress shoes to suits and ties. My eldest daughter set the tone. For her first formal I got her fabric and she made her own dress. I am still putting the leftovers into scrap quilts.

  4. OH my goodness! Suits you say!?

  5. I am so glad you quit "stripping"! Your Aussie fabric with the kangaroos is beautiful, that alone would make a perfect giveaway! What special labels for such special quilts!

  6. Fantastic label... very Aussie indeed... love what you are doing xxx


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