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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The day before the BEE

First up this morning a batch of Chocolate Honeycomb Muffins.  It is my haircut day and this is how I pay my hairdresser.


2 cups SR flour
¼ cup sugar
1 cup choc bits
100g choc coated honeycomb coarsely chopped
1 egg beaten
60g melted butter
¼ cup honey or golden syrup
1 teasp vanilla

Preheat oven to 180ºC(160º fan forced).  Grease a muffin pan or line with papers.  Combine all ingredients in a bowl and mix to combine.  Spoon mixture into prepared pans and bake in about 20 minutes.

Next on the agenda was quilting the female soldier's quilt.  It didn't take too long - just stitching in the ditch and a could of rows around the border. 
 Then it was out to get the haircut (and pay with the muffins) and on to my LQS to buy fabric to bind the quilt.  The binding got made tonight and maybe I will get it sewn on tomorrow morning before the others get here. 
 And finally I managed to complete the last laundry bag that I have to sew for the fifteen we are sending!
I have another one to sew for quilt group member Cynthia's son, Hamish and today my friend told me about a young guy who is going back to East Timor.  When she told him what I was doing he said "I need one of those, I use a garbage bag!"   Oh man!  I can do better than that!  She is going to get me his name and address so I can post one to him!  Garbage bag indeed!

So, we are all ready for tomorrow.  So much has happened in the last week.  The main focus tomorrow is the 22 quilts.  All backings have been sourced and the labels have been fused on and stitched around.  The battings have been cut and the rows for the tops pieced!  I have the tape and the pins ready for the quilts to be layered on my kitchen table.  I have filled lots of bobbins for the quilting on my machine and have filled bobbins for the spare machine so someone can sew binding on if there are enough people.  Lots of binding is waiting in  a big laundry basket - at least 100m of the stuff! 

After tomorrow I will know what we still need to buy to fill the Christmas parcels for the guys and gal.  In the last week, Lyn has bought, among other things, toilet paper, candy canes and envelopes.  Jennie has bought 15 mini Christmas puddings and she had previously handed over enough coasters, pens and postcards for everyone.  Andrea has collected 20 post boxes from the post office for the Christmas presents to be packed into. And just about everyone who made it to last week's meeting went home with some sewing to complete.

Roll on tomorrow  - with the spirit that this project has brought to everyone involved I can't wait to see what we get done.  I will tell you something I know for sure though - there is bound to be plenty of laughter!

Till next time...............happy stitching!


  1. You are so generous with your sewing! Thank you for that.....you inspire me. And thank you for the recipe. I think I'll give it a try this weekend when the grandkids come for a visit.

  2. Such a wonderful gesture and for such a good cause. I, too, feel for the soldiers that do not get any mail - that is just so sad. It sounds like you ladies are really getting into the spirit and are really enjoying working on this project - wonderful!!

  3. Oh you WERE busy! Good luck tomorrow with all that chatting...ooppss I mean sewing! :)

  4. Such a list of dones and to-dos, I would need a secretary to keep track of it all!

  5. Your muffins look so good. Thank you so much for sharing the receipe. I think that is so wonderful of ya'll making quilts. Your laundry bag is GREAT. I agree WAY better than a trash sack.

  6. You guys do such good work...
    The muffins look delicious..

  7. That recipe looks so good..thanks for sharing. I'm amazed you find any time in the kitchen considering how much work you do at your sewing machine!


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