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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Finishing off.......

I was going to spend time today working on my Rainbow Scrap Challenge projects but I decided that it was be a much wiser move to finish off some more projects for Ireland.    You might remember that I am making things to go to Ireland for the International Charity Bazaar which is run by the Embassies each year.  All the Embassies run a stall and the proceeds got to Irish Charities.  I have a few things cut out and ready to go.  The first projects I picked up to finish are these Petal Pouches.  They are a Valorie Wells pattern, available on her website.  The pattern has measurements and instructions for three different sizes.  I tend to like the middle size!

They are ridiculously easy to make - two squares sewn together, turned right side out and top stitched.  Turn down the corners and sew.

 Thread two lots of ribbon thru the casings provided by turning each corner down.  And there you go -
 They look better once they have something in them.  I have stuffed the pink one with tissue paper for the photo.  I have five all done - just need to buy ribbon for the last two.
Now, what to sew next?
How about another one of my favourite little bags - this time in a super cute jungle fabric.  I am going to make three of these.  One to use as a gift bag for a young mum's birthday shower and two for Ireland.

This is a strip - wide stripes of the animals and then geometric patterns.  Just love those animals!
 and these ones
And check out the base of the bag - not perfect but good enough for me!

So, one down, two to go, but tomorrow I am back onto Bruce's quilt as I have most of the day to myself and will be able to concentrate!

Till next time.......happy stitching!


  1. This looks so easy------going to try this this afternoon after church. Thank you for the idea. What size square did you start with?

  2. I think I need to try out the petal bag - very simple but cute!

  3. The petal bag looks super easy and really cute.

  4. Busy Busy busy lady you are... cooking and sewing... did you get to sleep at all hahaha xxx

  5. The petal bags look so very cute and handy

  6. I am definitely in love with those petal bags!! Another pattern to add to my ever growing "wish" list, lol!
    And those animals - GORGEOUS!!!!! DD would absolutely die if she saw that fabric!

  7. I have a couple of those petal bags in different sizes and they are very easy to make and quite useful.


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