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Monday, September 12, 2011


That is what this Mother Plover was saying, or maybe screeching, at me when she saw me today.  I drove out to school this morning to collect Fly Boy for an appointment.  Before I went to get him I stopped at the music department to collect an empty cookie tin ( I think they are hoping that I will re-fill it!)  I parked the car, went in an grabbed the tin and then when I came out there was Madam!  Not happy.  That is my blue car on the right of the photo.   I am sure she wasn't there when I parked so she must have been off getting a latte or powdering her nose.  

I had to wait till I was backing out and take a photo from my car seat so that she couldn't attack me!  See the three eggs?  And the position of them!  Couldn't have been any worse could it!  It is quite a busy part of the car park with students carrying musical instruments past it during the day.  I ended up telling the office ladies so that someone could deal with it. Glad it wasn't me! Apparently if you move the eggs the Plover Mum will follow you and just hop back on them!

So, that was my start to the day.

Next job was a spot of baking.  First up these- ANZAC BISCUITS.  The story of the origin of ANZAC Biscuits is written here.  I love this story.  I think of it every time I make them.


1 cup rolled oats
1 cup plain flour
1 cup sugar
¾ cup coconut
125g butter
2 tabsp golden syrup
½ teasp bicarb soda
1 tabsp boiling water

Combine oats, flour, sugar and coconut.  Combine butter and golden syrup, stir over gentle heat til melted.  Mix soda with boiling water, add to melted butter mixture, stir in dry ingredients.  Place tabsp of mix onto trays, allow room for spreading.  Cook in a slow oven 20 minutes.  Loosen while warm, then cool on trays.

And the I moved on to these - AFGHAN COOKIES.  Now I have no idea why these are called AFGHAN COOKIES.  Apparently they originated in New Zealand and when I googled I found this explanation here.  Not sure that you can call it politically correct though.    The cookies are yummy though. I hadn't made them before but they will become a favourite for me although only one of my sons likes them.


200g butter
¾ cup firmly packed brown sugar
1 cup plain flour
¼ cup cocoa
2 cups Corn Flakes
½ cup crushed Weetbix
¼ cup chopped hazelnuts

Beat butter and sugar until smooth.  Stir in flour, cocoa, Corn Flakes and Weetbix.  Mix well.  Drop rounded teaspoons of mixture about 5cm (2”) apart on a greased tray.  Flatten with a fork.  Bake in a moderately slow oven about 15 minutes or until browned.  Cool on trays.  Spread biscuits with frosting and top with nuts (I omitted the nuts as my boys don’t like them)

Chocolate Hazelnut Frosting
60g packaged cream cheese
60g butter
2 tabsp  Nutella
1 cup icing sugar

Beat cream cheese, butter and nutella until light and fluffy.  Slowly beat in icing sugar.

My husband is off to Melbourne again tomorrow morning and he will be catching up with his Mum and Dad and probably his sister and her family so the ANZAC's are for his parents and the Afghans are for his sister's children.

Not much sewing done today.  Too much life got in the way but that is ok.  A lot of odds and ends got taken care off which clears up some time for me to sew tomorrow morning.  At least I got some preparation in tonight - this will be the label for the back of Bruce's quilt.  I hope to get it sewn tomorrow.  I won't get all of the back pieced tomorrow.   I won't even try but I hope to make sure I have all the various components completed.  Hopefully on Thursday I will complete the backing.    Biggest HOPEFULLY is hopefully I can make this star ONCE and get it right!  Wish me luck!  That is half the reason I have cut it out in advance.

 Another busy day tomorrow.

Till next time.......happy stitching!


  1. That poor mother bird! I've found that some mother birds just aren't as smart as we like to think they all are. I had a mockingbird build a nest low in a sapling in my front yard and the nest was so slanted her babies kept falling out! Cats could easily reach it, too!
    I can't wait to try the cookies. I will add them to my collection of recipes. I will also look up the stories behind them. Fun!

  2. Oh you keep showing all that lovely food. My eyeballs have been gaining until they are so heavy I can't keep them open.

  3. Aww that poor bird just trying to protect her chicks. Most birds I thought will not attend to the chicks anymore if you touch there eggs. So that is so neat that this bird will still love her eggs. One again you have yummy eye candy and it looks so good. Thank you for sharing your recipes. I do not really care for paper piecing people that do love and say they think it is easy. Well I am not seeing it. Hope you have a great day.


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