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Monday, September 26, 2011

A bit of this and a bit of that ...

First official day of school holidays and I feel like I achieved quite a bit but there doesn't seem to be much to show for it.  First I did some cutting and sewing for a round robin quilt but I can't show you coz it is for a Round Robin Quilt! 

Next I did a bit more cutting out - 5 inch squares this time but you will have to wait a few days for me to show you what these are for. 
 I set myself up with a heap of cutting to do tonight as it was movie night - "Blood Diamond".  My husband selected a bunch of movies for the boys and I to watch and I seriously hope he didn't think I would enjoy this one.  Too much killing, nothing light hearted about it.  All I cam say is that he is lucky it had a happy ending........sort of.

Anyway, first up I cut out a stack of feeders
 Then I cut two stacks of tumblers for two different projects that I can't reveal right away,
 And finally after the movie was over I managed to sew the binding on Bruce's quilt.  Now I just need ot bury threads and hand sew the binding.  Yay!
 I have decided that I have had it with the DVD store!  I don't know what my sons have and haven't seen and my husband's selections left something to be desired so I am going to the store tomorrow and i am going to buy a couple of TV series to watch  - assuming Fly Boy will come with me.  I can't choose on my own as I need to know what he has and hasn't seen!  A couple of good TV series will keep us going for the holidays and is a small investment considering how much it would cost us to go to the movies a couple of times.

I would love nothing more than to stay home and sew tomorrow but I am toying with the idea of beginning my search for our new Christmas Trees, yes, I said trees!  We used to have a lovely full 7ft tree that was almost two yards in diameter but I gave it to my cousin last year after Christmas as it was just too big for me to handle on my own.  I have been thinking about it all year and have decided that I am going to buy a few tall but skinny trees which I will dot around the house - one in the family room, one in the lounge room and maybe one or two in the conservatory.  If they are smaller I can decorate them one at a time by myself if I have to, including putting the lights on etc.  My sisterhood friends usually come over and we make a night of it as I have a huge collection of decorations to hang. Every year though it gets harder to organise as everyone gets busy.  I will feel better if I know I can manage it alone.  So, I think tomorrow I will go and check out the local department stores which ALREADY have their Christmas displays up and see what is on offer. 

Till next time....happy stitching!


  1. my you keep busy, even when watching a movie!! (I actually did think Blood Diamond was a good movie, though! was a bit violent, but well done)
    I hear you about the Christmas tree! I actually bought one last year (on sale) that has the lights already on it!! It is a brilliant idea!! For me that is always the worst part, both putting them on and taking them off. I love this tree!

  2. You did get lots of prep done - looking forward to seeing progress on the projects.

  3. LOL! What a busy bee you have been!!
    And already organising trees?! Wow! We don't even think about setting ours up until about a week before ... however, since DD arrived, we've gone down south to the 'other' great-grandparents (my mum's family ... dad's live here and so get to help celebrate DD's birthday in big extended family tradition!!) place to celebrate down there. Actually, her first Chrissy was up here so we did get a tree then, but it hasn't come out of the box since then poor thing!! We're not a big decorate-for-the-season family ... though I have a feeling that will change once I find my husband and get married! I do love to decorate and host get-togethers!!

  4. Hello! It isn't even October yet! If I could can that excess energy and sell it I could make a fortune!

  5. I agree with you about the movie. My husband always brings home chick flicks because he knows I do not like to watch those movies. He is a pretty good movie picker I have to admit.
    Christmas has been out in Hobby Lobby here since July. It always gets you in the mood early.

  6. I had a great idea for the tree decorating a couple of years ago: the grandchildren come for visits over the weekend anyway, so one weekend we pull everything down and have them help out.

    I like the idea of several smaller trees. Like you, hauling the tree to and from the attic is hard work!


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