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Monday, September 19, 2011

Finally quilting......and quilting....and quilting......

Before I did anything else, sewing wise, today I finished off the bag I started last night.  It was a bit fiddly sewing around the handle but as long as I didn't try to sew too close to the handle it was ok.
 I really thought about how to use this fabric to its best advantage because I really like it and wanted to rally show off the family.  Hopefully this works.  I am pleased with it anyway.  Hopefully someone in Ireland will want to buy it.  It is off to the International Charity Bazaar with all the other things that I have made for it. 
 Then I decided that I had better get on and quilt this quilt which is one of the ones that I brought home with me from the Quilts for Queensland sew-in.  This is the last of the three quilts to be quilted.  Tomorrow, hopefully, I will get the binding made and maybe even sewn on.  I quilted in the ditch which I think it enough.

Then I really got started and worked on Bruce's quilt.  This was really hard work coz of all the pushing and pulling I had to do to move it around under my machine.  It is much bigger than I had intended it to be but that is just how big it wanted to be and that is ok.  I will wave goodbye to this quilt when it is done with just a smidgen of regret.  I am probably two thirds of the way thru quilting it. Hopefully I will get the rest done some time this week.

 I needed something simple to sew tonight - too tired to quilt and not enough brain power left to want to do something that needs much concentration so I sewed a few half square triangles in Christmas fabric - these will become pinwheels and then probably potholders, also for the Irish Charity Bazaar. 
Is anyone else starting to freak out at the thought that Christmas is coming way too close?  I think I need to start sewing Christmas presents soon, oh dear, better start working out what I need to make.
I think I will sleep on it.
Till next time.................happy stitching!


  1. You're really off to a good start! Wow!
    Yes, I'm freaking out "big time"! I agreed to do a commissioned quilt that is needed for a Christmas present. (I had a weak moment and thought the money would come in handy.) I need to finish this quilt and it is taking so much time! All hand applique and I haven't even gotten to the quilting. I am even having nightmares about it! I need to finish in time to mail it, too!

  2. Your purse turned out great. I can not wait to see Bruce's quilt all finished. I so agree that Christmas is getting closer and closer. The months are just going by so fast.

  3. Love the Fabric in your Bag...Lots to keep you busy..

  4. Look at you go!!! Good work! How are you quilting Bruce's quilt?

  5. You have made so many projects for the Irish charity - you may need a container ship to send them all!! Looking forward to seeing Bruce's quilt all done.


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