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Friday, September 9, 2011

Black is back and a little more info

First up Black is the colour for this month's Rainbow Scrap Challenge and these are my blocks from Celia this month.  We do our own little swap.  Aren't they great.  I always love looking at all the tiny bits of fabric and I don't think I have come across anything that has also been in my stash!

Today I was determined to complete the letters for the back of Bruce's quilt.  This is a saying that they use a lot in their family - except they say "No Worries Mate".  I felt a little poetic licence would be excused.
 Now that I have strung it all together I realise that I need to space the words out a bit more but that is easy enough to do.  Now I need to piece the label, which I think is going to be one more five pointed star in white, and then I can start putting the back together!  At least it is not too cold in Connecticut where they live yet so I have another couple of weeks up my sleeve. 

Tonight I am going to piece Celia's four stars for our swap so i can get them in the mail Monday.  That will probably be all I get done as I have the taxi job to do later - collecting Fly Boy from Youth  Group!

Till next time...happy stitching!


  1. Your lettering is just wonderful....and I so love black...

  2. I love it. We say that alot around here. But it is just no worries. That is a great addition to Bruce's back.

  3. I think it is just great the way it is. I have seen some lovely things made with black and white prints but it is a hard combination to find here. You seem to be making a lot of things to give away. Do you ever keep something for yourself?

  4. Wonderful lettering and I like the black and white prints.


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