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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Karate anyone?

I found it!  The perfect pattern for the bag I wanted to make from Bruce's daughter.  I knew I had it somewhere - I just had to find it.
It is an Amy Butler pattern called Work-A-Day Accessories.  This is supposed to be a laundry bag but I think it would be great for going to the beach or in this case, going to Karate Class.
 It is basically just a tube with a round bottom and a strap to sling over your shoulder.  I have used a white cord to gather it up here temporarily for the photo but I need a thicker one.  I will pop out tomorrow or Friday and get some.
I used the same fabric for the casing for the cord and the strap as for the lining.  Pity you can't see it here but it is a lovely shade of blue with tiny metallic silver spots all over it.  Just right for a ten year old girl, don't you think?  Now I need to find something to make for her Mum.  I am just not sure what she would like and what she can use. I am very conscious of the fact that the workload for the house and child and husband falls squarely on her shoulders right now.
 Quilt group was quite productive today.  The backing for the Christmas star quilt was pieced and the quilt is now layered and waiting for me to quilt it and out the binding on ready for someone to do the hand sewing.  Luckily for me, one of the lovely quilters, Del offered to take Bruce's quilt home to hand sew the binding, and I didn';t even need to ask her!  See, I told you I belong to the best group of quilters.

Till next time...............happy stitching!


  1. Great little bag, your are right this would be perfect, and really shows off the fabric. She will love it I am sure.
    You have a great group of quilters!! I just joined and attended my first Quilt Guild meeting this month here!

  2. You are fast! What a lucky little friend you have!

  3. Perfect fabric for karate class. How is your burn doing?

  4. You are a very kind, generous and thoughtful person!

  5. Love your bag and the fabric is perfect.


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