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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Baking, sewing, pinning........

Started the day with a batch of cheese puffs.  These are so simple to make.  My Mum found the recipe when I was a kid and they have become a family favourite. 

Mix 1 and a quarter cups of Self Raising Flour with 1 cup of milk and 1 cup of tasty grated cheese.  Spoon into greased muffin tins, I used mini muffin tins to make dainty bite sized ones.  Bake in a hottish oven , say around 200C for about 10 or so minutes or till nicely golden.  Cool for a few minutes in the pan and then carefully remove and cool completely on a rack.  Once they are cold, split them and place a slice of cheese in the middle.  When you are ready to eat them heat gently until the cheese is melted and serve straight away.  I think they are best served warm but my kids don't mind them in their lunch boxes cold.  They freeze really well too.

These ones went straight into the freezer as they are going to a baby shower on Sunday.  I will thaw them Sunday morning and put the cheese in them.

Next I moved on to the backing for Bruce's quilt.  Sad note to the story.  Found out yesterday that Bruce is on hospital with a broken arm.  He had a lesion in a bone in his arm that had weakened the bone,.  Unfortunately he caught his arm and twisted it and snapped the bone!  He uses crutches to get around so I am not sure how he is going to handle crutches with a broken arm.  I wish I could do more for him but at least I can send him a nice surprise.

I have been going to use a red backing but I changed my mind and found more of one of the blues that I used on the front and that became the backing along with a couple of leftover churn dash blocks, the label and my phrase. 

As soon as we finished dinner tonight I commandeered the kitchen table and set about pinning the quilt.  I have used up my last pins on this quilt and I couldn't understand why I had so few and then I remembered that as well as the quilt for Queensland that is waiting to be quilted I have another large quilt from the quilt group also waiting for quilting.  Oh well, Bruce's quilt first. 

I have one more job to start tonight - more marble bags for the Vietnam Shoe Boxes. 

I have four more to make for our 8 shoe boxes but my friend and partner in the shoe boxes was given some more marbles so some extra bags will go with the extra marbles and we will give them to the organisers to poke into other boxes.  I won't get them all done tonight but a start will do.  I can finish them off tomorrow night.

So, nice chatting with you - time for me to get back to work - happy stitching!


  1. I make a biscuit (not a cookie, but the bread) that is almost identical to this. Mine calls for dried parsley flakes and garlic slat. They are served in a popular chain restaurant here and are wonderful!

  2. I love the back and I am so sorry to hear about your friend.

  3. I love the back of Bruce's quilt. I have never thought of piecing the back like that. Maybe I should give it a try. My backs are so boring. I am looking forward to seeing it all quilted. OH by the bay the cheese biscuit's look great. Thank you for sharing your recipe.


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