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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sharing the joys of parenthood!

Living with two teenage boys can be very frustrating and I have decided to start sharing some of their funnier or more ridiculous exploits, attitudes or efforts with you, if only to make myself feel better.

They don't read my blog, none of their friends read my blog and I don't actually name them so it is not the same as putting them on facebook and tagging them. 

They hate going shopping for anything, clothes, shoes, even things like mobile phones etc.  Last weekend we were supposed to be taking them shopping for some "grown up" clothes.  Slack instead of jeans, collared shirts instead of T shirts, and shoes - anything better than Dunlop Volleys.  If you look at the link you will see some quite reasonable looking casual shoes - my boys' shoes don't look that good. 
 They each have one bacl pair and a white pair.  The black pair to wear with the back jeans (duh!) and the white pair to wear with blue or grey jeans or shorts. 

They are only made out of canvas and get quite floppy and saggy at the sides
and quite dirty lookin gafter a while.  When I was young I wore these for tennis shoes.  That is what they were made for.  Dunlop also makes tennis raquets and tennis balls etc.  Luckily you can buy them at KMart for about $25 a pair.  They are the only shoes I will buy for them without them being there to try them on.

So, Sunday we were supposed to go to the shops to buy dress shoes - anything better than Dunlops even.   They were supposed to be getting clothes too.  In the end, as per usual, they both couldn't be bothered.  That's okay.  If they won't come with me to choose and try on clothes they can keep wearing what they have.  But what makes me laugh is Fly Boy's attitude.  He doesn't think he needs to come with me to buy shoes.  He thinks I can just measure his feet and bring him something home.  I told him that I can't and that he needs to try shoes on.  Just get the next size up he says.  In the end I didn't waste time arguing with him - I just told him that if he is not careful he will be wearing Dunlops to his formal this November and who knows, he may even be wearing to his wedding!

15!  Such a lovely age!


  1. Just wait until girls come in picture. Then they will take three showers a day (without proding), want to change clothes as often, and spend hours on their hair------oh, I forgot that was my daughter. My boys, I think they were just like yours---good luck.

  2. I used to say that I should get danger pay when I took my son out shopping for clothes/shoes! Finally I started going into the store and scouting out a young male sales clerk and just telling him what I was going to buy and then LEAVE!
    I would come back in half an hour and they would seem to have worked things out between them and all I had to do was get out the credit card !!
    Good luck....and they do grow out of that....promise!

  3. Be glad, it could be worse. There is the kid who has to look at fifteen shops before deciding the first one was best. Then there is the kid who goes directly to the most expensive item in the store. Then there is the kid who sets off with a pre-determined mind-set and you know before you are out the door, that item does not exist! I think you have found the best solution. It is called "natural consenquences"! You don't go? you don't get it. Wear sneekers to your wedding and they will be old ones because I am no longer picking them for you.(and they might be a bit ragged and tight as well.) Thanks for the memories!

  4. Boys are just like that! I raised three sons. They do outgrow it to a certain extent, but most men had much rather just be comfortable than anything else. When our boys were about the age of yours, we gave them a clothing allowance for the school year. They were responsible for spending it the way they wanted as long as they looked neat and clean and they didn't break the school dress code. They responded well to the responsibility. They even watched for sales! (We didn't give them a huge amount.) To this day, one of my sons still buys his clothing at consignment shops and he is probably the best dressed of the three! There's something to be said for just handing over the responsibility for some things to them as they grow. After all, our goal is to eventually hand over all the responsibility so they can function on their own.


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