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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Major Victory!!!

Well, I can't believe it.  It is always a nightmare trying to get my boys to go shopping to buy clothes but today we had success in a major way.  Both boys have to do a dancing testing at school on Tuesday - what a riot - their year is doing dancing for sport this term and they have to do a test!  poor things.  they also need to be appropriately dressed for the test (giggle) and for them that meant that they had to (in their mind) have a pair of dress shoes.  I have been trying to get them something nicer to wear for ages so hooray we finally got there - and we got slacks for one of them and some nice casual shirts for both.  And as if that wasn't cause enough for celebration my husband and I actually managed to convince Guitar Hero to pose for some photos!  That is the major victory!!!!  I haven't had a decent photo of for ages, probably all year!  Silly boy thinks he doesn't have a nice smile - if only he would believe me that he will be melting girls hearts with that smile before long.......

here he is with his favourite girl - Snickers
Today my girlfriend and her daughter and I packed the shoe boxes that we have been collecting things for - we ended up with 8 bulging shoe boxes and a few leftover pieces that we gave to the girl coordinating the shoe boxes.  She was delighted as she will definitely be able to add our extras to her boxes.

After filling the shoe boxes my girlfriends and I had a leisurely dinner at a noodle hut and then for me it was home to sew for a while. 

Boy, does this bring back memories.  My boys used to wear these feeders.  They are almost a family tradition and I had forgotten about them until my cousin mentioned making some.  They make a fabulous bib with sleeves so they really protect the sleeves of whatever the baby is wearing.
I couldn't resist making one for the baby shower I am going to tomorrow. 
But now it is bedtime well and truly - till next time.........happy stitching!B


  1. what a good looking son! Good luck to them both on their tests!
    Love the little bib. That's a great idea!

  2. Congratulations on the shopping!! Job well done! And he does look ver smart in his new clothes!

  3. Guitar Hero has a beautiful smile. Very handsome young man. Congrats on the shopping I so remember those days. What a great idea for a bib. I wish I would of had one of those for my baby.

  4. Ha! Kids grow up! Looking great! Be proud, Mum!

  5. Your son is quite a good looking fella - I bet his brother is too! Wish I had thought of making bibs with sleeves - very useful.

  6. Now you can remind those dudes that they have done it once with no dire consiquences. Nice picture too. You sure do manage to cram a lot into the day!


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