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Friday, September 16, 2011

Bits and Pieces

Kind of cute that at the grand old age of 15, where so many things aren't cool, Fly Boy still likes toast and vegemite towers for breakfast!

Had a few important tasks to complete today.  First up bake 40 party cup cakes for a circus themed party for two 16 year olds.  Don't you love the colours!

 The cakes were to go on two cup cake towers so I was asked to make them in two different colours.
I chose Purple
 And orange.  Couldn't be much brighter for orange could it!
 Next I had to make another of my favourite little bags as a gift bag for a young mum who is expecting a boy.  I am off to her baby shower on Sunday.   I am also making her a quilt but I want to wait till the baby is here so I can incorporate the name in the quilt so on Sunday I have baby socks and a couple of cute outfits.
 And finally 8 more marble bags to go with the shoe boxes for Vietnam.  We are packing them tomorrow night.
Sorry I have to run - but it is time to collect Fly Boy from Youth Group - and then I can finally go to bed!  They finish quite late - 1030 - so it is after 11 before we get home!

Till next time.happy stitching!


  1. What beautiful cupcakes! You are quite the master chef!

  2. Everything looks great - cupcakes, the bags, the .....wait, Vegemite is one of those tastes most of us U.S. citizens just don't "get"! I brought some home from a trip to London and shared it with my 2nd grade class. You would have gotten a kick out of the faces they made! Now Lambington cake? pie? (don't remember the right name) sounds delicious!

  3. Cute cupcakes, the brighter the better for teenagers. You got a lot accomplished. Love the Japanese Lunch Bag as a gift bag.

  4. mmmm cupcakes. I love the colors you choose for the icing. But I pick a purple one. hehehe.

  5. I've been catching up on the projects and things you have going on. Where do you get the energy, young lady?!? Great stitching, colorful baking, cuddling a joey--you're on the go all the time.

    These cupcakes would have delighted my kids back when they were teens. They're gorgeous!
    And thanks for sharing all the plants and flowers. I love seeing what's blooming in other countries. Right now we're heading into fall with the brown grass and dropping leaves. I prefer spring!

  6. If I could accomplish half as much as you do in a day, I'd feel like superwoman! Way to go. Those cupcakes will be a huge hit....I love the bright colors. Rather like pretty fabric, don't you think. Have a great weekend!

  7. You are a dynamo! Those cupcakes look quite yummy. I am baking some today too, but mine are from a mix and will certainly look plain jane compared to those beauties!


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