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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Opps and Yippee!!!!

Had a bit of an oops this morning while heating up some food.  I absentmindedly lifted up a bowl that was too hot and burned my thumb!  Poop!  Sat with an icepack for a little while but still managed to get a blister which makes it a bit hard to do any hand sewing and i was going to spend lots of time today sewing in the ends of the quilting on Bruce's quilt.  Well that didn't happen so instead I did something that I had been wanting to do for ages - I tidied my sewing room.

 The job is not complete yet but it feels a lot better and looks a lot less cluttered!

You might be able to just glimpse these flowers in the top right corner of my cabinets.  These are my babies.  They did these in Pre School - as 15 year old boys they would no way colour in flowers but in pre-school of course they didn't care and I love these. 

 This was back when I used to sew most of their clothes - usually bought the same fabric in different colour ways, or if I couldn't do that, I bought the one fabric and put different coloured sleeves on them so people could tell the boys apart. 
While tidying up I put away lots of bits and pieces but I found that my 2 1/2 inch squares drawer is nearly full - time to make a quilt I think.  It will have to wait till after Christmas.
One good reason to NOT tidy my sewing room is finding all my UFO's.  Agghhh!  Then there are all the bundle that I have put aside for future quilts.  You know that stack of 5 inch black and white squares, the fabric panels that would make a cute child's quilt for charity.....and so on.....and on.....and on!!!

I am thinking that next year I might start making some quilts for my nieces and nephews for Christmas next year.  We don't normally give gifts that big but I don't care - I have so much fabric and so many scrap quilts just waiting to be made and who better to give them to than my family!

After dinner I put a bandaid on my finger and decided that if I couldn't sew in the threads I would finish the quilting - and guess what!!!!!  I got it done!  Hooray!  I thought I would never get it finished.
 I finally got all the quilting in the ditch done around the stars, rectangles and churn dash blocks!  Yay! And I made the binding.  My first job tomorrow will be to sew the binding on!  hand sewing will have to wait till later in the week but that is ok!

I showed you the photo of Fly Boy all geared up and ready for his cadet camp.  Poor kid came home early today.  Would you believe they got rained out!  They got rained on all evening yesterday and then the rain picked up again around 6am this morning.  He got up at 3am this morning and sat by the camp fire to warm up a bit as he was so wet in his wet sleeping bag.   When I collected him he was so wet - he told me that when he got back from the camp site he went into the toilets at the base and decided that he was so cold, and so wet, he didn't that he could get any colder or wetter, so he went and stood in the hot shower in the change rooms for a little while.  Oh poor baby!  Not sure that was a good idea but he was so glad to get home, take his wet gear off and get into a hot shower again!  Gorgeous hubby and I unpacked his big pack and everything in it from his jumper to his sleeping bag was absolutely drenched!  So glad he is home.  But would you believe it - it rained solidly most of the evening and all day and but the time I got Fly Boy home the rain had stopped!  It is all about timing!

A friend of mine, Lyn, gave me this fabric when she knew that I was making a quilt for Bruce in case I thought it would be suitable for the backing.  I decided to go with the blue and cream stars and Lyn is happy for me to offer this around to anyone who might be able to use it.  I thought maybe it would make a good backing for a quilts of Valor Quilt or a patriotic quilt of some sort.  If anyone can use it or knows someone who can - please let me know - a comment or an email would be great. 
It is a 4 yard piece and I would be happy to post it anywhere.  I don't want any money for the fabric or postage but if the recipient were happy with it I wouldn't say no to some blocks of any kind that I can put into a charity quilt for an Australian who need it. 

Well, tomorrow is the first official day of school holidays!  I plan to sew - I know you are shocked!   Guitar hero is going to the movies with friends and Fly Boy will probably be glued to facebook organising a movie night at our home for his friends.

Till next time..happy stitching!


  1. So sorry about your thumb, a burn HURTS, and a shame that Fly Boy got rained out, he was so excited to go on the camping trip. Another time maybe. I would die for your sewing room, all the shelves and cabinets, wonderful. You should have the flower pictures of the boys framed, so precious. Happy Holiday to the boys. Hugs

  2. So sorry to hear about your ouchie - burns do sting for quite awhile and certainly put a damper on any handwork! Too bad your son got rained out but it will be a fun story for him to tell in the future - after he his all warm and dry that is. Love your sewing room!!

  3. Ouch! Hope your blister heals quickly.
    You are so organized...and I am jealous of all your storage LOL!!
    I have read about people sewing in the threads when finishing a quilt, but don't really know what that means! How do you do that, and is that instead of backstitching?

  4. I am so sorry you burned your thumb. Fly Boy must have been disappointed to come home early since he was looking forward to his camp out. Wish the rain could of come her instead. What sweet flowers from your boys. They are so cute. It feels good to organize. I usually have stuff scared all over. I am with Flo what does it mean sewing the threads back in. When I do a small project on my sewing machine I usually back stitch a little bit. I am always interested in new methods.

  5. Love the sewing room! It's always nice to start something new with a clean and organized space . . . and then . . . well, we all know what happens when the magic starts to unfold!! And then it's time to clean up again and the cycle keeps repeating. Maybe someone could invent a thing that secretly puts things away while we're sleeping at night!! I'd buy it!

    I hope your thumb feels better. Good luck with the threads . . . sometimes I find it relaxing burying the threads and sometimes I just have to wait it out until I feel the spirit move me to do the job!!

  6. You got a lot done in spite of the thumb.
    I can identify with the camping scene. At one jamboree I was so cold I went to the shower and spent the middle of the night warming up there. Then on the way back to my tent I pulled cardboard boxes from a dumpster and made myself a cozy nest covered with a vinyl sheet. From the next campout I had a bivy sack, waterproof, and can boost the temperature (and hardly weighs as much as the snacks).

  7. Bummer about the blister, but looks like it worked as good motivation for getting the sewing space all straightened up. Looks great in there. Always so nice to see what needs to be used up when thinking about the future project list.

  8. Ouch! That really looks like a sore thumb! Sorry to here that Fly Boy had such a cold miserable time....I got chilly just reading about him, poor boy! Glad you got some tidying done in your sewing room, I know what you mean about finding UFO's and such! The flowers from your boys are so neat. You should take pictures of them and then print it off on fabric for quilting.


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