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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Well, here he is - all ready for his weekend.  Backpack on his back, a water pack on his front and around his waist webbing pouches full of essentials - food, torch, camp stove and fuel etc.  Good for him - just glad it is not me!!  I have to say that he was really looking forward to it  though!
I managed to get the last bag made for Ireland last night.  Now I am going to concentrate on making some Christmas themed things.

 First up some pot holders.  I was thinking of making these into a table runner but I figure 8 potholders will raise more money.  So far I managed to get some of the pinwheels made.

I am still working on Bruce's quilt but it is heavy going.  I have quilt all around the blocks and the border.  Now I am working on quilting in the ditch on the blocks.  I reckon I have done about a third.  I will try and get another third done today and the final third done tomorrow.  I have the binding ready to go and about a mile of threads to sew in.  The binding and the threads will be a good watching movies job! 

Now I better go and get some Rainbow Scrap Challenge sewing done!

Till next time........happy stitching!


  1. Very handsome fella you have there... Loving the quilt xxx

  2. Fly Boy looks like he is ready for the week-end, handsome boy. Nice projects for Ireland.

  3. Fly Boy is so handsome. Hope he enjoys his weekend. I would be dreading it. Your pot holders are going to be a great addition. Bruce's quilt is beautiful.

  4. Love that "before" picture. Hope the "after" one still has that big smile.Good luck on your schedule. It may get easier as you go.

  5. My youngest son was in cadets for a couple years and really enjoyed it. Bruce's quilt looks great! I also find it very challenging to wrangle large quilts while quilting. I am hoping to get a quilting frame someday!!

  6. I hope Fly Boy has a wonderful weekend! Bruce's quilt is looking great and you sure have been busy!


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