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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Last day of Rainbow Scrap Challenge - BLACK

This is the last Scrappy Saturday for the month of September and the last of sewing with black for the challenge.  Today I finished the second and third black place mats.  I used my GO! cutter and the tumbler die and I love it!  I used scrap binding too which I also love.  There is something just great about making something nice and useful from scraps!
Soon I will make a whole quilt from tumblers but in the mean time these place mats will do.  I will probably make some more next month depending what the next colour is!
The rest of my night has been spent ending off threads from quilting Bruce's quilt  .........
and sadly.......
there is still lots to do! 

Oh Joy!  and I am not even finished quilting yet!

Till next time..............happy stitching!


  1. These placemats are really pretty! I love the strawberries peeking out.
    Two comments in one- I scrolled down a bit and LOVE the star blocks from your class. They're neat- kind of a pinwheel in the middle.

  2. You are very creative with scraps! Love the place mats.

  3. So cute. The tumbler pattern is so versatile. I am so impressed that you managed to get all that finished this month.

  4. Great place mats! Wow that's a lot of thread.

  5. Oh, I love them! Really like that tumbler pattern too, and the different bindings. Very very nice!

  6. Very cool idea! I love how each one looks so different!

  7. I do like those placemats... and that has given me another idea for my scraps xxx

  8. I have never worked with that shape and I'm beginning to think that its very cool with lots of possibilities....

  9. Wonderful placemats! The tumbler die looks like fun, I have a tumbler template and keep forgetting to try it out. I have a feeling next month's color will be orange!

  10. Wonderful way to use up your scraps - they turned out great!


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