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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tickled with Tuesday

Well, I didn't think I would get much done today but I feel I have achieved more than expected.  No actual sewing but then sometimes you have to do some ground work and that can be just as important.

Today was errand day, including a haircut for me, followed by a bit of time at home and then music lessons for Guitar Hero and then haircuts for both boys.  That means that we got home in time to eat dinner.  No free time till after dinner and then lots of interruptions from 15 year olds looking for any excuse to talk to me or each other, rather than study for tomorrow's maths test.

Finally I was able to get a few things done though.  First up planning for some cutting out.  School holidays start on Friday for two weeks.  During the holidays I watch a lot of movies with the boys at night time.  It is pretty much the only thing they will agree to do as a family, so movies it is.  Only problem is that I often don't find their choice of movies all that much fun (give me a chick flick anytime) so, whilst they lounge over the sofa and chairs, I sit at the kitchen table and cut out. 

I have decided that I am going to try and plan my Christmas sewing and get it all cut out during the holidays so that I can sew it whenever I get a few minutes. 

In addition to Christmas sewing I am also going to make some more feeders like this for the young mum whose baby shower I went to on Sunday.  She won't need them till the baby starts on solids but I figure if they are cut out they will be easier to get done.
This morning I bought a stack of tea towels which I threw in the washer and dryer.  Just as well I did coz they shrunk ALOT!
 I figure I can make one feeder out of each tea towel with the tea towels being the bib part.  I will use it double.  That way I can sew two pieces together, turn right side out, top stitch and hey presto!  no need for bias binding, on that part anyway!

You need fabrics for the sleeves so I rifled thru my stash till I found the appropriate fabrics.
These are my favourites.  The baby's Mum was born in New Zealand (poor thing!  ha ha ) so some kiwi birds and kiwi fruit seem quite appropriate! 
 I am starting a pile of things to be cut out during the movies so these went straight on the pile.  Another lot that will be going on the pile are the fabrics for the Baby quilt for the above baby!  These are the fabrics I have chosen.  I have been asked for pale blue and white.  Don't you just love that "Oh Boy" fabric! 
And this is what I am planning to make.  I have special plans for the backing too, but as always, you will have to wait!
Tomorrow is a big day.  Baking in the morning - Snicker's Cookies (just to whet your appetite!)   Then a bit of tidying before my quilt group comes over around 1030ish to get back to work on our Christmas Star quilt for the Fire Brigade Raffle.  After they leave I have to get my things ready for my fortnightly sewing class at the LQS.  Early dinner, take Fly Boy to Cadets, go to sewing class, come home, send fly Boy to bed and fall into bed myself.  Thankfully, I think I am home most of Thursday and Friday and then Monday we are on hols, well at least the boys and I.  Best thing about that - two weeks that I don't have to wake up at 540AM!

Till next time...............happy stitching!


  1. What a great plan! You are certainly organized. I can never stick to plans like that. I end up getting side tracked!
    The bibs and quilt will be so cute! I really like the bib with the sleeves. Now you just need to include a hood to go over the hair and baby will stay at least HALF clean! Or, maybe you need to include a BIG bib just like it for mom to wear!

  2. Oh boy I need a nap. You are a busy gal. I think the feeders are so cute. The fabric you picked out for the baby quilt it just to cute. My favorite is the dotty fabric and the oh boy. Love your choices. You always have a good eye of what to put together.
    Sweet dreams.

  3. Looks like your ducks are all lined up ready to go. Mine are out playing in the puddles. At least it's cooler...

  4. Cute, cute little boy fabrics. I'm looking forward to seeing the quilt. Enjoy your two weeks with the boys! I'm sure you'll still be more productive than most of the rest of us!

  5. You are so organized - I guess that is how you get so much done!


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