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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sneak peaks revealed...at last.

I have been teasing you with sneak peaks like this and others and it is finally time for me to reveal what I have been working on. 
 Every year my quilt group, the Gumnut Quilters, indulges in a Christmas lunch.  This year there are a couple of girls who have to work so we added a Christmas dinner into the schedule.    At our Christmas lunch we swap Kris Kringle presents.  These are usually bought or made and given in secrecy.  No-one know who gave what till everyone has opened their gifts and then we all guess.  Last year we also exchange coat hangers, this year it will be pin cushions, and there is also a lottery of extra gifts - things we have collected throughout the year that get wrapped and given out according to a lottery.  

Tonight was our Christmas dinner and tonight we exchanged our Kris Kringle gifts.  I always make my gift and try to come up with something personal to the person I am making it for.   This year I was making for Irene, our resident Canadian.   We all know that Irene doesn't like blue, has two sons, three gorgeous grandbabies, likes a tipple (or three) and bakes like a pro.  She also likes polar bears and moose.  So, I settled on the last two for my inspiration for her gift but it caters to her love of baking too.

I took this pattern for a  wall hanging and used the moose and turned it into an apron.  

 Chocolate Moose - Yummmmm!  Well, maybe not this sort of moose.

I also showed you this sneak peak which I turned into.... 
I reckon Irene is all set to cook now!  And seeing as she is the hostess for our Christmas Lunch next week I sure hope they come in handy before then!  Ha Ha
I have one other gift for Irene.  She has a great sense of humour and, for reasons completely unknown to me, I am often on the receiving end of her humour - can't imagine why!  So I thought I would inject a little humour into her gift and this is it!  I follow a blog that was promoting this calendar which was put together as a fund raiser.  I am just kicking myself that I can't remember the blog it comes from  - maybe one of my followers can tell me.  Anyway - this is certainly likely to appeal to a certain type of quilter - not sure what sort of quilter - but the look on Irene's face when she opened her calendar tonight was priceless.
 Not all the models are hunky specimens - some are an acquired taste shall we say.

The Quilters Shirtless Men and Spicy Burrito Calendar!
 Mr Shy!

Unfortunately the calendar that I got was printed with the pictures upside down but I really don't think that it matters as I doubt Irene will actually hang it up anywhere.

And of course, every gift needs a gift tag.  I made a couple - one to keep (this is the front)
 and one for Irene.
 This is Irene, me and Sharon.  You can just see Lyn's head - sorry Lyn, this was taken by the waiter. 
 Sharon with her beautifully wrapped gift that turned out to be a very Bradley Apron in a matching box that Lyn brought in Intercourse PA especially for Sharon.
 Those facing you are Debbie and Irene
 Glenys holding up her gift, then Cynthia, Andrea and Jennie
 Irene modelling Chocolate Moose!  Thank goodness we were down the back of the restaurant!
 Told you she would love it!
 These are what Sharon made for Audrey.  Sharon does beautiful hand work and anything for Audrey has to be soft and pretty just like her.
 And this is what I received from Glenys - yep! Doing a happy dance!  Don't you love it!  Wait till you look up close.  
 All those branches are hand embroidered and they are SO NEAT!!!  Must have taken AGES.  Some of the bigger baubles are picked out in gold thread but I couldn't capture that with the camera.  My lack of skill.
 And look at the tiny detail on this little plate - each little picture is no bigger than 3/4 of an inch  - so tiny.  This is going on my dressing table -away from clumsy teenagers!
We had a hoot of a night - the food was wonderful and the company was great - way too much laughter but at least we weren't the loudest table in the restaurant! 

Till next time......happy stitching!!!


  1. Wow! Sounds and looks like you had a wonderful time. Great gifts!

  2. Looks like a lot of fun!! And you are so creative!! Love the apron and pot holders!

  3. In the event my last comment didn't post . . . you gals did an amazing job with the gifts! Looks like everyone is enjoying the start of the holiday season. The calendar is a riot! Lots of food, fun and laughter among the best of friends - how FUN!

  4. And a good time was had by all------I'll have some chocolate moose, please.

  5. what a lot of fun!!! That is one crazy calendar! and the embroidery is just awesome!

  6. Y'all look like you had a wonderful time. Love your apron and gift tags.
    The embroidery is just beautiful. What a talented group of ladies.

  7. What a fun time you girls had...the gifts are very nice.

  8. What a wonderful group of friends, looks like a lot of fun! Your Chocolate Moose is so neat! The calendar looks like a fun gift but I don't know about hanging it in the quilt room!


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