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Saturday, November 19, 2011

At last a finish!

First thing this morning I managed a couple of hours of sewing and managed to make all the blocks for one of the Christmas present quilts I am working on.  This is all I can show you but I am really pleased with the results.....so far.

 Today was Fly Boy and Guitar Hero's Year 10 formal.  They had a one hour pre-formal photo session at the HUGE home of one of the students before hopping on a bus and heading off for a Harbour Cruise.  Funny!  They would never go on a harbour Cruise with us! 
 Guitar Hero and this lovely little lady partnered up as friends for the evening but most of the kids went solo.  There are only about 60 kids in their year at school - approx 40 boys to 20 girls - and no one was allowed to invite guests from outside the school.  Luckily they are all pretty good friends so it shouldn't be a problem.
 All the boys wore suits, mostly black - a couple accessorised with caps set askew, one wore a pair of those high top runners that street dancers wear (I think!) with a white suit.  Some boys wore trendy canvas shoes, one wore a cool felt hat.

Most of the girls wore pretty, short dresses, some wore long.  Most of them looked lovely, some slightly mature if you consider they are all 15 or 16 - or maybe I am just old fashioned.  Lots of high heels - plenty of sore feet tonight but really.........I had to get a pic of this pair worn with a very short multi coloured dress!  I am sure there will be quite a few heels carried home, not worn!  I am way too old for that!!!
 On a much more mundane level hubby and I bought takeaway and came home to sit on the sofa and catch up on Survivor Episodes.  He went off to do some work and I have been sewing - this is a double sided walker bag for my elderly uncle for Christmas.  It ties on at the top and a flap with a pocket hangs down front and back.  This is my FINISH!
I also managed a little sewing on my McKenna Ryan Mystery project and did a little on this which is another sneak peak only - guess it is that time of year huh!

I am really looking forward to some concentrated sewing time.   Hopefully next week while my boys are on camp.

Till next time.............happy stitching!


  1. Very pretty colors! And I'm loving those shoes!!

  2. I really like your "sneak peek", Cant wait to see the whole thing!!
    The boys look very dashing! So grown up, and love the shoes!!

  3. Handsome or what??? Crazy shoes, I have to say and love the sneak peak!

  4. The boys look great and I love "looking" at those neat shoes....I'm too old for them too!

  5. I have told my girls they have to remain the same size in dress & footware so they can share!! Will save me gazillions. My son can have a suit for all occasions too. The boys look great & so so tall. I kind of like the idea of not inviting people from outside the school. No one will feel left out. Love Posie

  6. Love the sneak peaks - the colours look great! I remember wearing platform shoes when I was a teen in the '70s -very similar!

  7. Just looking at those shoes makes my feet hurt, but when I was that age I'm sure it would have been worth the pain. Very good looking young people.


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