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Monday, November 7, 2011

Two sleeps till we pack those boxes!

Things are ticking along just nicely towards the packing day on Wednesday.  All the little details are falling into place.  Irene dropped over today with some MORE chocolates for the guys and the three quilts that she took home to bind.

I dropped over to visit my non-quilty Sisterhood friend Jacqui and collected the address labels she printed for me - that will save me a bundle of time!!  Writing out two addresses almost 50 times - not fun. 

Cynthia rang the local paper and now we have a journalist and photographer coming to do an article about the project - oh my heavens I had better tidy the house - eek!

This afternoon I managed to get some cutting out done.  I selected my fabrics and cut out my four star blocks for the swap I do each month for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge with Celia.  This month's colour is brown.  Celia posted her blocks to me last week so whilst I can't show you the ones I am making for her I can show you what I received in the mail today.

Got to love that cute embroidery and the African card is fabulous - has an explanation on the back too - very interesting.  Thanks Celia.

I also managed to dig out these blocks and put them on the design wall.  This is a gift I need to complete before Christmas.  I sewed the nine patches earlier this year but put them away for a while.  Now, being brown month, I have decided to pull them out, add a few more brown blocks to the mix and finish it off.  It is going to be a disappearing nine patch.  Not sure if I will add a border or not.  Might wait and see how it looks once I have cut and reassembled the blocks.
Finally tonight I managed to complete one more detail for the soldier's goodies.  We have a Christmas card to go with all the Christmas boxes we are sending but we needed something to go in  with the quilts.  We won't have time to sign two cards so I decided, after getting feedback from others in the group, to print a message and stick it into some ready made Aussie cards.  I knew all that scrap booking in my past would come on handy!
 I used a scrap bookers' double sided tape - kind of like that fusible web you use for applique where you peel off the paper!  Ha ha.

We also need something to go in all the boxes to let them know they need to tell us if they need more laundry bags.

This is what I came up with - Glenys provided a cute little Gumnut picture but for some reason I can't reproduce it here! 

If you have not received a laundry bag, but would like one, please feel free to contact us at the email below.
Alternatively if you have a laundry bag, and have a mate who needs one please feel free to pass this on to him/her.
We will need your name and rank to be able to address it to you.

All the best,

Gumnut Quilters

Oh, I nearly forgot.  I am hoping everyone will arrive on time on Wednesday, something that we usually don't worry about with our normal meetings, but we have a lot to do so I sent out a reminder as gently as I could.  This is how it went.....

T’was two days before packing and all thru the house,
Everything was out of reach in case of a mouse.
We have chocolate and tinsel and cookies for treats,
Each soldier will get a box full of eats.
Please be here on time if you possibly can,
We will need all the labour of every woman.
40 plus boxes to fill and label with name,
To get them all done is our single aim.
We have tape, we have labels, and lots of tissue,
As far as I see time is the only issue.
There will be sandwiches and fruit to eat for lunch,
And I will do a little baking so that you can munch.
By the end of the day to see the boxes all stacked,
Taped and labeled and properly packed!

I think that was gentle don't you?

Till next time.............happy stitching!


  1. Wow, you have a lot going on right now. The browns look lovely. Have fun with the DP9, such a fun pattern to play with. Good luck fitting it all in.

  2. Wow! I can't wait to see the pictures of the boxes ready to be mailed. You'll definitely have to post a link to the article so the rest of us can read about the fabulous Gumnut Quilters!! Way to go!

    Looks like you have quite a few projects already lined up for the future. I like the blocks Celia sent you. How's the round robin going?

    Well, rest up for Wednesday - sounds like it's going to be a FUN and busy time!

  3. sounds like so much FUN you won't know your WORKING hard! Wish I could be there ( in SPIRIT anyhow) GOD BLESS you and your helpers!

  4. What a great job you have done!! and you are so organized too! Have fun with your "box party!"

  5. Every time I read about what the Gumnuts are up to for some lucky Aussie troopers a tear forms.
    I bet they will get a wonderful surprise

  6. This has been so much fun to see how your soldier project has come along. Be sure and take some picture on packing day and posts of the news article. Love the poem.

  7. Your swap blocks look great and so does the beginnings of your new quilt. Love the poem - very creative.

  8. And a poet, too! Subtle indeed!

    Thank you for organizing and working so hard on those Christmas gifts. You are such a good person.

    I love the disappearing 9 patch blocks. The browns look so good together.


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