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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Owl be watching you....

Not much sewing done today but three of my little owls did manage to get their eyes....sort of.  I have made the yoyos anyway and at the moment they are just sitting on the unsewn and unstuffed body pieces.  They really need their beaks for the faces to come to life but hopefully that will happen tomorrow. 

What we did get done today was more Christmas shopping - some for the boys and lots for my husband and maybe I bought one or two things for him to give me.  Every year my husband buys his own books, CDs, DVDs and wine for me to give him.  It is impossible to buy surprises for him.  He has so many books, CDs and DVDs that I can't keep track of what he has and doesn't have.  He used to maintain a spread sheet - yes seriously! - of his books.  Not sure if he has kept it up to date or not.  After years of getting his wish list in the last week before Christmas I finally decided that it was just wiser to make him get his own things and with my knees being really bad I can't do all the walking anyway.  Unfortunately his birthday is the middle of January too so it is doubly as difficult.  Every year I try to come up with a surprise but most years I can't.  So instead I focus on making the house look nice, doing all the wrapping except my gifts of course and making sure we have yummy food - all his favourites -n for lunch and dinner.

My friend, Donna, over at Donna's Lavender Nest nominated me for a Liebster Award.  I am honoured that she should think of me.  It is such a nice compliment but the problem is that the last time I received and award I had trouble finding willing recipients to pass it on to.  So, what i have decided to do is pass it on to all the lovely blogs that I follow who have less that 200 followers.  If you are one of them feel free to take it up and carry it on. 

Now some admin help - please.  Over the last couple of days I have noticed that I can't comment on blogs that I used to be able to comment on including my friends Celia and Cathy.  This is really annoying as I haven't changed any settings and I know they haven't but it seems to be a fault with blogger.  I have logged out and logged back in again and can't seem the fix the problem.  If anyone has any ideas please let me know.

Till next time............when I hope to have more to show you...........happy stitching!


  1. Those owls are so cute! I've seen the pattern before and next time, I will definitely buy it!

  2. The owls are very cute! Blogger's been making me crazy too with anything to do with following and followers!

  3. I love the little owls..so cute!!

    I know what you mean about Christmas gifts..it gets impossible to buy something. What we have started doing is buying something together..like something for the house for both of us.

    As for Blogger...are you using Google Chrome. After I switched to that I haven't had any problems. I still have Internet Explorer installed as well, because my internet banking won't work with Chrome....of course.!!!!
    Good luck!

  4. The owls are cute - must find the pattern to make some

  5. Your owls are so cute.
    I know what you mean it is hard to know what your family wants. So I have my hubby email what he wants and I ordered it, have it delivered at work that way he does not know for sure if I ordered it or not.

  6. try now Jan-maree. I checked my comments settings and somehow something happened with who can comment. It should be fixed now. : )

  7. Your little owls are so cute! Great fabric choices! Builder Bob and I don't exchange presents anymore as it is so hard, instead we buy something we both want for the house or like now he is working on my quilting room which is a awesome present! I can understand having a spreadsheet for books, DVD's and such, I used to and my daughter still does it.


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