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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Gumnuts Meeting

We had our normal Gumnut Quilters meeting today.  Our mission today was to make a quilt for Cynthia's son (Cynthia is the one in the red vest).  Her son is due to go to Afghanistan later this year or early next year.  We want Cynthia to have a quilt ready to post to him as soon as he departs Oz. 

 As always seems to happen we cut too many strips for one quilt so kept on going to make two quilts The second one will go to another fellow who is currently in Afghanistan and who is the son of neighbours and friends of a couple of the quilt group members.

We managed to get the two quilt tops completed and layered and I have brought them home to quilt.  I will do that tomorrow and then will drop them off to Andrea to bind them.

While we were together today we also made a suprise for another Gumnut Quilter.  Oue lovely Sharon is having a tough time at the moment as her husband has several health issues to deal with.  he walks with a walker frame.  I showed Sharon the walker bag I made for my elderly uncle and she said she wanted to make one too.  With her husband back in hospital at the moment she isn't going to be able to get the sewing done so we made one for her today as a surprise - well, mostly Glenys and Irene made it.

 We used Gumnut fabric for the pockets - appropriate huh!  Andrea found this curtain fabric years ago and bought quite a bit of it - we have been using bits and pieces of it on various projects for years.  We made Cynthia;s son a laundry bag from it and put some of it on his quilt as well.
It was Andrea'a birthday today and Irene brought her these gorgeous flowers. Peonies?  But, the name aside - aren't they beautiful!! 

 I have spent the night tonight working on my Kris Kringle present - just about finished the applique.
Hopefully I will finish the project tomorrow - that's the goal!

Till next time......................happy stitching!


  1. As usual, you gals have too much fun when you get together. Love the peonies. They don't grow here but I sure wish they did. These are beautiful. Glad to see you all were able to get a little sewing done!

  2. lovely peonies! and how productive you all are!!

  3. I love peonies - we have both white and pink ones in our garden. As usual, you ladies were very busy and very productive. You were working on such thoughtful gifts.

  4. Please send Cynthia my love, i think it would be much harder for a mother of a soldier than we wives!! Love Posie


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