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Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanks Goodness for Small Mercies!

Some times you just got to be thankful for small mercies - like when your roof is leaking after a week that has only seen 45 minutes of blue sky the leak is over your kitchen sink AND your husband is home to deal with it instead of being away on business!  Let's just hope that the forecast for tomorrow is wrong and the rain will stop long enough for handsome hubby to investigate the roof.   Like I said, some times you just got to be thankful!

On a more positive note - I finished one Kris Kringle present today  - sneak peak only till Wednesday night.  That is when the Gumnuts (my quilt group) is exchanging gifts.

I also finished the baby quilt I have been making for little Isaac.  It is been so consistently wet over here this week that it hardly stops raining and drizzling so this is the best I can do for a photo (oh dear here comes the heavier rain again!) 
 This is in lieu of a label.  Five labels forming the Southern Cross.

I bound it with the same pale blue that I backed it with - this blue is such a soft pretty hue!  I love it.
None of us really have time to start stitching laundry bags and quilts for our lady soldiers but that doesn't mean we have been idle.   Irene has dug out fabric and washed, dried and ironed it, Andrea has delivered another lot, Celia is thinking about patterns and plans.....

I have another couple of sewing deadlines to meet and then I will start cutting out.

Pin Cushion due 7 Dec
Little Niece's sewing 10 Dec
Big Niece and SIL xmas decs due 12 Dec
Friend's, Sister, nephew's Xmas gifts due 14 Dec
D9P due 20 Dec
Sisterhood Kris Kringle Due 21 Dec

Can't be more specific than that as some of them read my blog (Tarja, Jenni.......)

By the way, I need some suggestions for interesting Christmas decorations to make.  Can anyone recommend any websites or tutorials?  I have some ideas but it is always great to know of more and after all...... tis the season!

Till next time...........happy stitching!


  1. Isaac's quilt is so beautiful, the boat really sets it off. Hope you get your roof fixed, what a pain.

  2. The baby quilt has turned just fantastic... the added darker blue has made it xxx

  3. Oh boy are you lucky. Usually when things go wrong my sweet hubby is not around. Luckly your leak is over the kitchen sink.
    Your baby quilt is gorgeous. I love how it turned out.

  4. What could be better than a boat on a rainy day. Oh that my hubby would ever know what to do with a leak. He might set up a bucket if he could find one and cover his computer with an umbrella.

  5. The baby quilt is adorable, lucky Isaac. I love blue, i'm a blue girl for sure!! Love Posie

  6. The baby quilt turned out fabulous - the addition of the boat and the darker border were such a good idea. Thankfully, no more roof leaks for us - we had ours replaced a couple years ago!

  7. What a clever way to do your labels!

  8. Little Isaac's quilt is adorable, so soft and comfy looking.


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