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Friday, November 11, 2011

Broke my diet.......

I did manage to get some sewing today but before I show you what I made I will show you what arrived in the mail today from Quilters Quarters.   I was a bit naughty and broke my "no buying fabric diet"! 
My friend, Celia, sent me an email from Quilters Quarters promoting a deal buy 15 quarters and get 15 free!   What is a girl to do???  The same deal also included the opportunity to buy a yardling - a one yard cut from the end of a roll, same deal - buy one for $5, get one free.  And yes, I weakened.  Pretty cool huh!  The lucky coincidence is that all the fat quarters go with some fabric that I am using as a feature fabric in a Christmas present quilt I have to make - just perfect.

The same website sent another email - buy 15x 1 yard cuts and get 15 for free - I did NOT succumb to that one!

And now for today's sewing...another laundry bag.  This one is for my butcher's friend's son - how could I resist.  I just hate the thought of another soldier losing his laundry - ugh - perish the thought!
I also did some other sewing but I can't show you yet.  I made the blocks for my swap with Celia.  You will have to wait till she has received them before I can show you.

My sisterhood friends are coming tomorrow night for dinner and I am making Chicken in peanut and cumin sauce, roast potatoes and Mars Bar mud cake - the others are bringing food too.  There is never a danger of us going hungry at any of our get togethers - always the opposite!!! 

So probably no so much sewing tomorrow - but lots of laughter, no doubt too much food - I think I will survive!!

Till next time.............happy stitching!


  1. What a sale! How could you resist.....sort of like chocolate lava cake right??

  2. That Celia, honestly !!! YOu should stop listening to her !LOL!

  3. What a sale... who could say no to that?????.... I see you did find out how to put the labels on your side bar... wonderful xxx

  4. Woo hoo... fabric shopping is so much fun!

  5. What a deal! I bet it was loads of fun picking out just the right fabrics? I am just loving your laundry bags. Hope you gals have fun eat some for me.

  6. You are so productive! I know you'll put that fabric to good use.

  7. What a fantastic sale - how could you resist!
    I have never looked at that website but I will be heading over
    Not sure if you remember me - I met you at the Quilts for Queensland Day

    Can't wait to see what you make from all the fabric


  8. I agree that even if you don't need more fabric, that deal would be hard to pass up. The food might be hard to pass up as well.

  9. I don't think I could have resisted either - call me "weak-willed"!

  10. Oh i love that you keep finding more soldiers to make laundry bags for, you're so generous & kind. I do love this one too, lucky boy, love Posie


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