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Monday, November 21, 2011


I got sew much done today so I am RAPT! and EXHAUSTED!!!!!  I started the day with a double batch of M&M cookies - I needed to fill a big tin for my gorgeous young guitar teacher, Sam.  It is his birthday but also this week he and his girlfriend head off on a trip around Australia in an Orange Kombi Van!  How cool!  Kind of makes me wish I was young all over again.

I use the same recipe for these as I use for my choc chip cookies except that I substitute M&Ms for the chocolate chips.  M&Ms are Sam's favourites.

I can't tell you much about the stitch-thon because we were working on a Round Robin Quilt.  Cynthia from the Gumnuts (my quilt group) came over around ten and we got to work.  We had to fit the last two borders to the quilt top and boy did we work hard.  It was after five o'clock when we stopped and I am still pooped!  We are really pleased with the end result though and I just hope the recipient of the quilt top will be too.

I can show you this though.  I received another birthday present in the mail today.  This is from my sister.  She is a country teacher and mostly teaches art and crafts to all years from Kindergarten to Junior High School.   One of the crafts that she teaches occasionally is fabric dyeing and she keeps me supplied with my own stash of fabrics - usually for Christmas or birthday each year.  This year this bundle arrived squeezed into a postal tube and I have no clue how she got the fabric in there.  My handsome hubby was home and I thought it would be a simple matter of me holding the tube while he pulled the fabrics out but no go.  They just wouldn't budge.
 In the end he had to push a wooden spoon into the tube and try and push the fabric up a bit so that he could get them.  It was a struggle even then, but well worth the effort - don't you think?
 This is my favourite piece - all shades from yellow to orange to a peachy tone.  Just lovely!
Oh, I nearly forgot.  I also managed to squeeze in layering the baby quilt so it is all ready to be quilted as soon as I get a moment.  Soon I hope!

Till next time..............happy stitching!


  1. Your cookies look yummy. I forget about making M & M cookies. That is so neat that your sisters does that with her students. The fabrics are GREAT. What a great birthday present.


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