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Monday, November 14, 2011

A messy kind of week.....blah!

I hate messy weeks - the kind that is full of things - Guitar Hero's Music exam requiring me to play Mum's taxi most of today.  Dog's haircuts tomorrow, absolutely essential as poor little Snickers is really ready to shed her fur coat and be cool for summer.  Also music lessons tomorrow and then a late night seeing Dolly Parton - loving Dolly Parton - just not loving the late night.  I must be getting old.  Sewing Bee on Wednesday with everyone working on their round robin quilts - they are getting huge now so lots of collaboration to make it easier.  Sewing class on Wednesday night - not sure I am going to make it -something has to give!  Thursday I have to drive to the Christmas Shop, right across the other side of the city, to collect Christmas Tree number three (gasp!  I haven't even thought about decorating the trees yet!)  Friday I am going out to lunch with a girlfriend for a combined birthday lunch.  At least I have made her present already!  Phew.  Saturday is the boys' Year 10 formal - thank goodness I don't have girls - no hair, make up, spray tan, nails etc etc etc. 

Did you notice anything missing from the above schedule?  Sewing!  Hopefully I will fit a little in and I should get some done on Wednesday but I have to sew my Kris Kringle Present for my quilt group and I can't do that on Wednesday!

Roll on next week.  I have a full day to work on a quilt with a friend on Monday and the boys are away on camp from Wednesday to Friday! That will do me - I just have to survive this week first!

Sorry there are no photos - no time to take any!  I hope there will be something to show you tomorrow.

Till next time.....happy stitching!


  1. So sorry you are so busy. I know how you feel I have not been able to get in my sewing room and sew much lately. Just remember to take a little time for yourself.

  2. Busy weeks are no fun, I agree with you! I'm going to have one of those too and squeezing time in for sewing is going to be tough but I will or I'll get crabby. Take care!

  3. Take a big deep breath and this week will be over before you know it! Hopefully, you can fit some sewing in soon!

  4. Oh goodness, sounds like you've got a lot on your plate right now. Hope things calm down soon. Makes you appreciate being bored doesn't it?


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