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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Patience is a virtue then I hope it isn't the only one...........

Coz I don't have a lot of patience and I would hope I have some virtues!  I am still waiting for the bulk of the Aussie Hero Quilts, the ones that we made for the Aussie soldiers in Afghanistan, to arrive.  To date only seven quilts have arrived (out of 23) for the guys and our female soldier has received hers.  Thank goodness we sent all the laundry bags in the one box or we would be waiting on those too!  There doesn't seem to be much logic to the delivery schedules.  Boxes that we sent on the 10th are yet to arrive but some of the boxes I sent on the 16th are already there.    I told you that this is worse than Christmas!  So, please Mr Postman hurry up.  With this in mind I have decided to send off an Australia Day parcel that we have been getting together earlier than I planned.  Bet it gets there in a week!  I will be labelling it NOT TO BE OPENED TILL AUSTRALIA DAY just in case.

Not a very exciting day.  I spent the morning making three double batches of Christmas M&M cookies using my Chocolate Chip Cookies recipe.  I am going out to the boys' school tomorrow to give some to some the lovely people there and the rest will go into the freezer to wait till i give them away closer to Christmas.  

Then I did a heap of laundry - oh the joys of boys going to camp - and then folded it (yawn) and I also managed to get Fly Boy's uniform for his new school labelled - boring!

I have been looking for a new Christmas ornament to make and I think I have found another one to try here

I am such a dingbat thought coz although I can tell you which blog has the tutorial for the decoration I can't tell you which blog I saw the link on so if it was you....I am sorry.

I think my favourite time of the year is Christmas so I thought that because I can't show what I was sewing today as it is a Christmas present, I would show you something else Christmassy!   I have so many lovely Christmas things that a few years ago I decided that I didn't want to hide them all away for most of the year.  I set up a permanent Christmas display in the china cabinet in my family room.  It is such a deep cabinet that I had to think of something to put in there and these bits and pieces just seemed to fit perfectly.  

This little feather angel used to sit on the top of my grandparents tree and I always loved her.  Now she sits out all year where I can enjoy her.

And these two belongs to my Nanna and then to my Mum.  They are so special too.
 And I can't resist a little moose - too cute
 No such things as too much moose and add in a cardinal for good measure!
 And I LOVE black bears! (Cathy!)
This weekend I have to try and get the rest of my Christmas decorations up.  Wish me luck as there is lots else to do this weekend too!

Oh and before I forget, don't forget my Christmas Giveaway.  Go and check it out if you are interested and feel free to let your friends know. 

Till next time.............happy stitching!


  1. How enjoyable to see others' holiday decorations. I can especially relate to the feather angel. A year or two after being married (eons and eons ago), I found a tree-top angel in a clearance bin, exactly like the one I grew up with. I bought it immediately and every year enjoy the connection with my childhood when we put it atop our own tree.

    I understand your impatience, waiting for all the packages to arrive in Afghanistan. You know they'll get there, but it doesn't help with the waiting. Such a wonderful surprise you organized.

  2. I hope all of the quilts get there in time! I love seeing all of your Christmas decorations, that little moose with the cardinal is just so cute!

  3. What a lovely Christmas collection! I have a soft spot for snowmen and I keep my guys out all year long also. Call me crazy! Don't fret too much, I'm sure your packages will arrive soon!

  4. I love black bears too but i won't put one in my china cabinet! I don't even like them on my back porch. he he he

    love the feather angel by the way!

  5. OH my gosh I hope the packages arrive soon. I know it is hard not to worry about them. What a sweet collection of Christmas treasures.

  6. How fun that you keep your little Christmas ornaments out all year! We do that accidently almost every year because we think we have it all packed away and lo and behold we find something left behind. Hopefully you word soon that your packages have arrived.


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