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Monday, November 28, 2011

ten blue wrens and seven funny owls!

I had to go and collect a book for myself from the bookshop today and while I was there I picked up this book for my littlest niece Meghan's birthday!  I love it!  it is too cute and very Australian!  I would have loved to photograph all of the pages for you but that would spoil the surprise.  I know non international followers wont be able to get their hands on this little gem though so I have included some pics.  The blue wrens on the cover are the same as the ones that flit around my yard all day long.  So cute and so tiny!

 I love the extra note that says "There were six lamingtons, none left now!"   How funny!
 Here is the inside back cover which shows just a snippet of each page.  Just too cool!  Wish my boys were little enough for me to read it to them again.  It is just such a classic Aussie read for a little one!
   After enjoying the book I managed to get some sewing done today and completed my seven little owls.This one is called Wonder Owl on account of the red and white striped belly - reminds me of Wonderwoman!
 And here they are all together perched on my yet to be decorated Christmas tree.
I quite enjoyed making these and I actually managed the hand sewing required for the mini yoyo eyes without my hands getting too sore.  I have to move on to some other projects next but I think I will be coming back to these again  - maybe even before Christmas.

Till next time......happy stitching!


  1. Your "Wonder Owl" made me laugh. They are all very cute!

  2. cute book...although I had to Google "lamingtons" to find out what they were LOL
    Love the owls, my favourite is the little orange guy at the top! :)

  3. I am a birder so I would love to see those blue wrens in person. One of the teachers I sub for is from Australia and often picks up books and puzzles for her class. The owls are darling. Maybe i need to make some (as if I didn't have enough owls in my house already).

  4. That looks like a perfect book! I would have loved using it as a teacher!
    I also love your owls. They are so colorful and cute!!
    I've been away from my computer so much lately, I've missed out on a lot of your latest posts. I'm enjoying going back through to see what you have been up to!

  5. Your birds are adorable. I am catching up on your blog, so you'll be seeing more of me.


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