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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

it is beginning to feel a lot like.....

Christmas!!!!!!  And I love Christmas!!!!

And I love The Christmas Shop.  I had to go there today to collect my new Christmas tree which had finally come into stock.  It is such a pretty place - I just love all the decorations and trees and lights and so on....  I took a few pics to share.

 Got to love the Christmas dinnerware
 especially the Mary Engelbreit bits.  Love Mary Engelbreit.  Her Santa is just so jolly and gentle looking!
 This has Aussie ornaments on it - I had hoped the picture would turn out better
 but at least you can see the dolphin surfing Santa and kangaroo!!!
 While i was there I managed to convince them to give me some ornaments to go on the tree for Afghanistan.  Oops I haven't told you about that one.  My husband posted the box for me - Kmart had a super cheap 1.2m Christmas tree and we coupled it with 8m of silver and red tinsel, some Christmas lights and a few red baubles.  They were all super cheap but it won't matter - they still look festive and now there are some Aussie critters to live in the tree too.  From left to right we have the Tawny Frog Mouth Bird, a green tree frog and a dolphin and then in the bottom, a row of platypus!
 Of course, as well as picking up my tree I had to pick up a few other little bits - like this Santa hat garland (Cute or what!!!)
 and this really cute Santa
 And a couple of other bits that are going to be part of an Aussie Christmas giveaway in a week or so. No hints......yet!

Did you notice that some of these photos have a camouflage (you can't see me) theme.  This USED to be a DPCU, er that is disruptive pattern combat uniform shirt.  Now it is going to be quilt fabric.  The Warrant Officer from Fly Boy's cadet unit, after a request from me, dropped off a tub of old uniforms for me to use.  This is the first shirt.  I have cut it up so that it can be used in a quilt we are making tomorrow.  It is going to the son of one of our quilt group ready for when he goes to Afghanistan in coming months.   
 I have cut two strips that include the pockets and I will take the rest of the fabric with me so that we can use more of it if we want to. 
So, no sewing today but I still think I had a good one!  I will make up for the sewing tomorrow - first quilt group then a peaceful evening at home - while my boys are away at camp!!! for two nights!!!  I love my boys, but all that extra sewing time - YAY!!

Till next time.....happy stitching!


  1. You have such a good, big heart!

  2. The Christmas store is beautiful. Just make me drool. I am looking forward to decorating for Christmas this Friday.
    I love the idea of using old uniforms for a quilt. GREAT idea.


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