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Saturday, November 26, 2011

A rescue, a finish and starting all over again!

More small mercies.  It rained constantly last night so not a good thing with a leaky roof.  Handsome hubby and headed out in the rain this morning to do some grocery shopping - that is after we saved this little fellow from the pool.  We have had so much rain this last week that he must have been washed out of a tree or similar.  He is lucky that there was so much rain as a week again he wouldn't have been able to reach the tiny little frog sized ledge where the tile ends but the rain has filled up the pool.

After we came home from the shops the skies had cleared - about the first time in a week.  We have had only 45 mins sunlight all week which very unusual.  But the sun came out in perfect time for my hubby to get up on the roof and and fix the broken tile that was causing the leak!  Now all we need is some more rain to test the tiles and make sure we have found the culprit. 

Happy Happy Joy Joy!!!!!  I am doing another happy dance as I have finished my pin cushion.  This one is for a Christmas swap with my Quilt group and it was MY idea so I had better do it and do a good one!  Phew!  I started a cool one a few days ago but the pattern wasn't well written and it was not clear what to do - ugh.  It is now filed in the WPB (waste paper basket) 

Today I started my plan B and at last it is finished! And I think it is of an appropriate standard!  Yahoo!!!!!  Actually I think it is quite cute but way too much trouble for me to want to make another one in a hurry!  And of course, I can only show you a sneak peak........

 until December 7th.

As soon as the pin cushion was completed I moved onto the next project.  These are "Who Knew" and are either pin cushions or ornaments.  I am going with ornaments - who could stick a pin in these cute guys!
 How cute is that!  I have to make Christmas Decorations for my SIL and my niece so this is the choice for this year.  It is almost becoming a family tradition with my SIL.  She doesn't sew but she enjoys what I do. 
I will probably make some other ornaments too but at least if I get these done it takes the pressure off me!

Till next time....happy stitching!


  1. Hopefully you got the right tile and you will be dry! The ornaments really are very cute.

  2. Oh I bet you are glad to have your roof fixed? I hope you show us your pin cushion. I am sitting on pins and needles I can not wait to see it.
    I have awarded you the Liebster Award please come by for a visit to see.

  3. Cute little frog.
    Love the doggie fabric!

  4. How cute are those owls! And YES isn't it nice to see the sun out again! :)

  5. thank goodness for froggie! I love the owls!!!

  6. I'm so glad you were able to save that cute little frog! What a neat pattern of owls!


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