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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Happy Sunday!

My gorgeous hubby and I went and did a bit of preliminary Christmas shopping for the boys this morning.  We managed to get a few things and then I bought a little something for me - totally whimsical but I love them!  Can you guess what they are?  (Sorry Posie - there weren't any flamingos!) 

Guitar Hero helped me to put them up over the window in my sewing room - love them!  They make me smile just looking at them!

And here is another purchase.  I used to store my fusiweb/visoflex,wonderunder -whatever you call it- in a plastic tube that my husband brought home from a conference.  Unfortunately the tube has split at one end and I sense it wont be long till it has split at the other end.  I told gorgeous hubby that I was looking for an alternative and he immediately thought of a spaghetti jar - and that is what we found today - the perfect one for the job!

I finished another laundry bag today  - yesterday's was JM's and today is MJ's.  How convenient was that.  This one is for a young guy that my friend Sevda knows.  She works for his parents and just recently found out he has been based in East Timor and is due to go back there.  When she told him about us making laundry bags and quilts for the guys in Afghanistan he commented that he needs a laundry bag as he uses a garbage bag!  Not for much longer. 

And this is what I have been working on tonight - just s sneak peak at the moment.  A little KcKenna Ryan Project.  I love the pattern which is going to be a Christmas gift for a friend.  This is just sneak peak though.
I needed a bit of a break from all that tedious cutting out so I moved on to an easier project.  I had a few strips left over from the extra soldier quilt we made last week but there were too many greens in them so I cut a few extra strips yesterday, pieced them and tonight I managed to get the quilt top for soldier quilt no 25 sewn together.  It is too late for me to take a picture of the quilt top but this gives you the idea.
Hope you have all had a great weekend.

Till next time...happy stitching!


  1. Good for you to get some Christmas shopping done. All I have are some presents for grandchildren. I will get in full gear after Thanksgiving.

  2. those little pink lights would make me smile too ! very cute!
    How big are the laundry bags? Did you just make up the pattern? What a great thing to give to them.

  3. Oh my goodness, we still haven't even made "the list." We have at least been talking about it. You've got a great start on that quilt. Anxious to see it completed.

  4. What a productive weekend! Most of us are still pondering the list for upcoming shopping. Quilt number 25? Congratulations!

  5. Oh the lights look wonderful. It's beginning to look a little like Xmas.. everywhere I go! :)

  6. You are just so productive! What a feeling of accomplishment you must have - 25 quilts for the troops!!


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