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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Warning - really yummy recipe included!

Don't say you weren't warned.  I need some cookies tomorrow as some of the Gumnuts are coming to help layer and pin the quilts for the family of five.  And I also need cookies for Wednesday when we have an Aussie Heroes sewing day.  Plus it is good to have a little something to put in the boys' lunch boxes.  

Now I blame retromummy for me finding this recipe and she got it from here.  It is just too easy! 
 And sooooo yummy!

To save you going on a blog hop to find it here is the recipe.  Now this recipe is officially called 120 Cookies but I don't like that name so I want to give it another name - any suggestions?

Condensed Milk Cookies/Yummy Scrummy Cookies/Heavenly Cookies/Best Ever Cookies

Hmmm, the name needs more thought but the recipe doesn't!

500g butter or margarine
1 tin of condensed milk
1 cup caster sugar
5 cups of flour

Cream sugar and butter.  Add condensed milk and flour.  Roll into teaspoon sized balls and press down with a fork. (I  used my trusty small ice cream scoop and didn't flatten the cookies).  Place on greased or papered trays and bake in a moderate oven, around 180C, until golden brown - approximately 15 minutes.  

For a less floury cookies substitute half a cup of flour for half a cup of custard powder - oooh that sounds yummy.  I might have to do that next time!


Now Cherry Red Sewing today - pout - plenty of sewing just no Cherry Red sewing.  It is a busy time for Aussie Heroes as we have just 14 more days to get quilts in the mail to Afghanistan and we have been asked to send some quilt to the hospital in Kandahar to be given to wounded soldiers who are transiting through on their way to military hospitals in Germany.  I am also organising quilts for the five chaplains who are distributing the quilts we are sending and also for a new team of Psych's who have arrived.  

Today I managed to finish one quilt for another special soldier (can't say any more just yet), and finished off a pretty pink and blue girly one - I also sewed the new April BOM.

I haven't even had much time to play with Snickers - she is doing her best to make me feel guilty
 And I keep getting these quizzical looks from Maisy too!
But right now, there is a pile of laundry waiting to be folded - oh the joy!

Tomorrow I will be layering quilts for the family of five with the other Gumnuts and then quilting at least one of them so photos tomorrow night.

Till next time..............happy stitching!


  1. These cookies sound yummy and I am going to make some---one question--is the condensed milk SWEETENED CONDENSED Milk? or just regular canned condensed milk?

  2. Decadent! Too bad I am on a no fun food diet because these look like too much fun!!!!

  3. you work so hard it makes me tired

  4. They look yummy-----any name would be better than 120 cookies. Poor puppies, can't figure out why they can't eat some.

  5. The cookies look so yummy..and from such a simple recipe. My dog does the same thing - if I have been on the computer too long she piles up her toys at my feet. That way when I get up I step on a squeaky toy and the fun begins!

  6. Here I thought I was tired...you have been so, so, so busy - what an impressive accomplishment and how rewarding for you to know they are appreciated.

    Grab a moment, put your feet up and enjoy one of those cookies (or two or three:o)

  7. Yummy! Those cookies look delicious! And your dogs are just too cute!! Give them a little pet-pet from me!!


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