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Saturday, April 21, 2012

99% but still here....just

Hopefully just sneaking this one in before the internet limit clicks over.  What happens when we reach our limit is that we just slllllloooooowwwww rrriiiiggghhhhttt    dddddoooowwwwnnnnnn.  It is so painfully slow that I can't upload photos etc.  It is only a couple of days so I will just take the days off but I think I can just manage to sneak this one in.
Today I managed to get the borders on to my D9P quilt.  
 The border fabric looks way better up close and in real life.  It has all the colours from the blocks and I think it balances out the black fabric in the blocks!
I also managed to start the sewing on the baby quilt I am going to make from some 30's fabrics.  I sewed all the nine patch squares into their rows of threes and then while hubby and I watched "The Amazing Race" I pinned all the threes together into blocks and I will sew them tomorrow.

Now here is something that only happens in Australia.  Our house backs on to a 40 hectare parcel of state forest.  It is full of gum trees.  Last night, just before bedtime I could here something growling strangely outside my sewing room window - it sounded really close. AND it sounded like someone trying over and over again to start a chain saw without success.   Now if I lived in Canada like Cathy I might have been more concerned but we don't have brown or black bears or coyotes or mountain lions.  The scariest things we have are snakes and spiders(plenty of those) but they don't growl!  So, of course, I called for my husband to come, gave him a teeny torch (well it was all I had handy at the time) and asked him to go and check it out.  He barely hesitated (well he did ask once "why me?" and I said "coz you are the man!") and headed out the door.    He shone his teeny torch light around and finally found what it was - a koala!  and no, for the non- Aussies they are not a type of bear!  Apparently it was a grumpy koala in next door's tree - probably been chased there as it was sitting in an exotic tree and koala's would not climb that sort of tree other than to hide.  They only eat eucalyptus and then only certain types.  Sadly, no sign of him today.  He probably got down and relocated to a better tasting tree at some point during the night.  So, there you go, you won't be reading that sort of riveting story on just anyone's blog now will you!

And now I am off to bed.  I expect when I wake in the morning my internet will be VERY   SLOOOOOOWWWWW.  I will be back on Wednesday if not before!  

Till then happy stitching!


  1. Your quilt just keeps getting better and better with each new border. You have a good eye for color. I have read that koalas aren't the friendliest of the animal kingdom. Your right, no koala bear stories on the blogs except for yours. Cool, or is that too old fashion?

  2. Your quilt looks great jan-Maree.
    Enjoyed reading your post....

  3. quilt looks really good love your story about the [bear]

  4. Love the story about your Koala. I think it would be so neat to see one. Your quilt looks like so much fun. The colors are so cheery. Oh boy I hate it when the intenet gets slow. Makes you just turn it off and start later.

  5. Funny story and brave husband!

  6. Cute quilt! I agree - your husband must be very brave! By the way, are koalas harmful? I've also heard that they are not very friendly. Good luck with the internet usage!!

  7. Great story about the Koala, I wouldn't have gone out, I am a coward. Your quilt looks bright and cheerful - perfect!


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