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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Aw ain't they cute!

This cute couple are my lovely friends, Tarja and Jouni!  Tarja is my "sisterhood" sister and if you remember I made her three aprons for her birthday, an everyday one, a Christmas one and an Easter one!  The family went away for the Easter weekend and look at the photo I received - Tarja in her Easter apron, with her hunky hubby!  Thanks Tarja!!!  
Love log cabins and these five inch ones are particularly cute.  These are part of a swap that my friend Celia and I have been doing - I see a table runner coming on with these.
 The other part of the swap is these 6" tumbler blocks - another table runner I feel!
And this is what I sent Celia - as well as a whole bunch of 2 1/2 inch 1930's squares but I haven't a photo of them coz that would not be very exciting!  
Guess what I have been sewing tonight - yep!  Pot Holders!  Still a few more to go I am afraid!  Love these ones.  Would love to have that gorgeous Eiffel Tower fabric on the back of all of them but alas only enough for one - might send that one to my sister as a reminder of her recent time in Paris.  I have to share this story that my niece shared about my sister, her Mum.  To me it speaks of the lovely relationship between these two but it is also really funny I think!
 I have to tell you a story....Mum will hate it but it was VERY funny and had us both in stitches at the time! As we were walking along the platform to exit 'La Defense' station, Mum, without thinking, chucked her train ticket away on one of the bins provided along the platform. Some stations require the ticket to exit; some don't and as we had just gotten off the train, we were unsure which it would be. As we continued to walk along, I turned to Mum and said, "I probably wouldn't have done that Mum" and she kept walking and then went "S***" as it dawned on her and she turned around and headed back for the bin....exclaiming "s***" again as she walked towards the bin. I was in hysterics just hearing mum swearing (my sister doesn't swear normally) and was doubled over in laughter which continued as I then watched her helplessly while she was doubled over going through the bin to get her ticket out (the bins are very deep and hang off the edge of the ground.) It must have been the only time during the day that mum had her camera on her and I could not get any evidence of this homeless person she had turned into.....jeepers it was funny.....she was laughing at what she was doing and I was laughing too hard to help her.....she was VERY grateful that I could not get access to the camera.....we then proceeded to go up the stairs to the exit....which did not require the ticket....started us laughing all over again...and we have been laughing ever since....what a goose!!!

How priceless is that!  So the potholders are bound to give her a smile!
luckily neither of them read my blog.......I don't think......

My other sewing is not very exciting but in the interest of full disclosure here it is - another napkin!  Yep, just one!  I only have enough fabric for one but I have decided to grab out all sorts of different fabrics and make lots of JUST ONE napkins just to make life interesting!  of course, cooking for and eating with two teenage boys is usually pretty interesting but you don't need to know any more about that.......trust me!
Now, a warning!   The teens are on holidays and although we have 500GB - (yes, that is FIVE HUNDRED GIGABYTES!!!!!)  they are using up our data at an alarming (but not surprising) rate again (AGAIN!).  So, just in case I don't post again for a while I will be back on the 25th of April when our data limit clicks over again----- here is hoping they see sense and slow down their usage because quite frankly a home with two teens on holidays and no internet DOES NOT BEAR THINKING ABOUT!

Till next time.................WISH ME LUCK and happy stitching!


  1. I love that Eiffel Tower fabric too. Tumbler blocks are my favorite shape for a quilt.

  2. Lovely picture - I can see by the way he is looking at Tarja that he loves her! Hopefully, the boy's won't max out your internet allotment but if they do I think it will just leave you with more time to sew! Enjoy!!!!

  3. Lol thanks for the chuckle, I pictured every movement! Oh those wonderful days of teenagers at home during holidays, thankfully mine are all grown with teenagers of their own he he what goes around comes around, :0). Love your blog and have become a follower.

    Peg x

  4. Love your post and would have liked a picture of your mum in the bin. As if your life isn't exciting enough Jan Maree, you have to have crazy napkins? See you on the 25th.

  5. Haha...funny story! Thanks for the chuckle.

  6. LOts of pretty projects going on! Funny story about your sister....bet someone will tell her to look!

  7. Yolks! We would miss you too much of you cannot blog!!!!!!

  8. Cute photo of your friends! My kind of people....barefooted! What a sweet story about your sister, I can picture her bent over in the trash bin! Great blocks and good luck with the internet, I remember one other time when the boys used it all up before the end of the month.

  9. Lotsa stuff to smile about on this post.


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