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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Fair Dinkum Finish!

Last Friday my friend, Tarja, and her gorgeous daughter Jessica, helped me to layer this quilt and yesterday I managed to quilt it.   Today I finished the binding and this afternoon I posted it off to the lovely Captain that requested a quilt for the wall in his office area today.
 It is only quilted simply, diagonally on the nine patches and a simple grid over the tea towel.
I used a thread as close to the background colour of the tea towel to quilt it as I really didn't wantt o compete with the picture.
  Here it is all packed and ready to go.  I asked the Captain if there was something I could add to the box - is there something that he particularly misses whilst over there and he asked for Chupa Chups - for the others he says..........of course I believe him!   These are wedged in so tightly that they should still be in place when they arrive.  I would love to see the look on his face when he opens this box!
 I cleared out some space on my kitchen shelves today and set my new mug/bowls up with their mates where I can see them and, more importantly, use them every day.  Love them.
Might not post tomorrow - AHQ sewing day followed by a dinner out with the Sisterhood.  
I promise I will be back with some more Cherry Red sewing the next day if not tomorrow!
The boys seem to have restrained their data usage so we just might make it to the end of the month..........

Till next time.............happy stitching!


  1. What a wonderful package to receive!!! Love the cups, too!

  2. Who doesn't love chupa chups? The quilt looks lovely as do the cups!

  3. Fair dinkum?? Chupa cups?? I think I need an Aussie dictionary! LOL!!
    The box of goodies looks wonderful , though, I am sure he will be thrilled !

  4. Fun addition to an already fabulous package!


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